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zog666 29th April 2011 03:02 AM

Hifimediy DAA1853 DAC - AD1853/CS8416/OPA2134

I saw this DAC available on the Hifimediy web site at what looks like a nice price:

Hifimediy|Hifimediy DAA1853 DAC - AD1853/CS8416/OPA2134

obviously some assembly of enclosure and PSU required though.

I've got a Hifimediy amplifier and have been very happy with it, but have searched around and haven't seen any mention of this unit. Maybe too new?

Anyone have any comments on it, or heard one in action? Googling around on the chips mentioned for it it seems like they are a good basis to start from anyway.

DarpMalone 29th April 2011 07:47 PM

I've been waiting for feedback on this DAC as well ;)

zog666 3rd May 2011 07:53 AM

Well I was curious and the price seems OK so I've ordered one... will follow up with my impressions, an AlienDAC is my current reference point for comparison.

zog666 17th May 2011 03:53 AM

Well.. it's arrived:

As well as the two OPA2134 opamps as mentioned on the web page there are two NE5534, all socketed.

arrived with no documentation, but then again most of it looks straight forward.

Billyo 20th May 2011 10:56 PM

Hey Zog,

How did you power it?

p.s.I remember you from whirlpool!

zog666 21st May 2011 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by Billyo (
Hey Zog,

How did you power it?

p.s.I remember you from whirlpool!

I'm running a backlog of DIY projects right now (presently working on a simple 4 channel pre-amp for the outputs of my miniDSP).. so this ones still on the shelf waiting...
One thing I am considering is a 2 seperate small transformers providing 12-0-12 and 0-6.3 VAC in the enclosure, but I havent worked through the local electronics suppliers catalogues to see if they have one with windings for both.

hifimediy 6th June 2011 02:59 PM

Hi, it's new and I hope that you will like it.

Samyk 12th June 2011 06:37 PM

Is it possible to use the dac as a headphoneamp? I would like to connect it to my soundcard and the sennheiser hd600.


zog666 13th June 2011 10:53 PM

I've got the DAC powered up in a simple Jaycar enclosure using two small transformers - 12-0-12vac and 9vac - the 6.3vac I mentioned previously was based on out of date info.

9V 1.35VA 150mA Centre Tap - Type 2840 Transformer - Jaycar Electronics
24V, 3.6VA 150mA Centre Tap - Type 2854 Transformer - Jaycar Electronics
Metal Case - 184 x 70 x 160mm - Jaycar Electronics

.. just had a quick listen from the SPDIF output of my PC and sounding very nice so far! Only using 16bit/44.1k source so far.. I don't really have anything higher to feed it yet.

Whole unit using about 5W.

Getting a bit of transformer hum, which is imperceptable with the lid off, but the thin steel lid must resonate when it's on, I'll add some bituminous tape to damp it all down.

mllum 14th June 2011 02:06 AM

My 2 cents worth. I too ordered the DAC on discovery of its existence on and specifically these posts.

To reassure any other persons contemplating buying these DAC's, I would have to say that the seller is honest in their dealings and description. Their communications through their representative Steinar with me have been helpful and prompt. They obviously place customer satisfaction high on their list of priorities.

As for the DAC it seems well constructed and I have no reason to doubt it will work as intended; but I have yet to hear it as I have just received it.

In case anyone is wondering, I state that I have absolutely no connection to the sellers. I am just a satisfied customer and these comments are intended to inform other members of the forum that the seller is professional and honest; which is something that cannot be said about many Chinese websites.


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