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transphere 6th January 2010 09:36 AM

TI's TAS3208EVM-LC using external ps?
I'm looking at TI's low-cost TAS3208 evaluation module as crossover / driver equalizer for a cheap bi-amped / tri-amped speaker. This board was designed to run off USB bus-power. Anybody here knows if it's possible (and accessible on the pcb) to drive it with external +5V power supply?

Shaun 31st January 2010 10:52 PM

I don't know the module but if you can get the schematics (and layout) it should be easy to implement such a mod. Perhaps you could even bring the supply in via the USB port.

critofur 25th August 2010 05:04 PM

Hello, it's quite easy to find AC adaptors that use "USB" cables. Most phone chargers recently have a "USB Slot" which simply provides +5V & GND.

I'm wondering, for the same price: TAS3208 / MiniDSP - which is more powerful?

transphere 26th August 2010 11:37 AM

Wow, didn't think this zombie would come back to life.

But it occured to me recently that it's indeed possible to use a USB adapted thingie. But that also means that, when used in an enclosure, the USB connector is always used for power and not accessible anymore for reprogramming without opening the enclosure.

As far as the TAS3208 / MiniDSP comparison, the TAS is more powerfull in the sense that you can do your own code. What I would like from a DSP crossover is the crossover filters itself, some biquads / parametric eq bands and some kind of excursion limiter and power limiter. These last two are not available for the miniDSP, but totaly doable on the TAS if you develop your own code.

I don't know of any direct MIPS comparison between the two, but I would guess that the TAS also has more cycles to spend. In their new DSP products hypex traded in the sigmaDSP (similar to the one in miniDSP) for a TAS chip, most likely because of the processing power available.

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