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littlerick 11th September 2012 08:38 AM

Twisted pair ?
Been looking for info on twisted pair wiring... Now i get the general idea but not sure about connecting. Do I twist a pair of wires for each channel and connect both wires to one terminal or is it the two cables... positive and ground that i twist as a pair and connect each single end to a terminal.

Terry Given 11th September 2012 08:44 AM

the latter. twist together a wire and its return path, eg (output & gnd) or (speaker+ & speaker-)

littlerick 11th September 2012 08:51 AM

ok mate thank you.

AndrewT 11th September 2012 09:08 AM

Yes, the flow and return pair get twisted together.

There is an exception.

A dual polarity Power Supply Unit (PSU) has three output leads, +ve, -ve and zero volts.
These three wires must be twisted together as a triplet.

Terry Given 11th September 2012 11:01 AM

Andrew, yeah, that works great.

I got my wife to plait such cables for me, before eventually figuring out how to do it myself.

And some guys at the Auckland University school of Engineering have published a couple of papers on using traditional Maori weaving techniques to braid many litz cables into wide, flat braid for use in big (100kW+) HF resonant converters for inductive power transfer.

AndrewT 11th September 2012 12:33 PM

Not plaited, twisted.
The cores run much closer together when twisted and that reduces the inductance.

marce 11th September 2012 12:42 PM

As well as protection against EMI.

Terry Given 11th September 2012 01:11 PM

Andrew, you are quite right. plaiting looks prettier, and makes a nice flat cable. it also holds itself together without cable ties/heatshrink/etc. but the loops are bigger.

marce 12th September 2012 12:49 PM

TWISTED PAIR, the name give you a clue, the whys and reasons of how it works can be found all over the internet, even as to why x number of twist per metre.:)

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