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Odomus 7th April 2012 01:49 PM

Splitting Audio?
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Ok here is the conundrum I am not an audiophile type of person which is problem #1.
Though #2 I am a computer geek and a make my own boards, and I remake things smaller and the such.
Though #3 never delved into the audio side of the remaking, other than fixing and repairing my PCB of my alarm clock which I broke in half trying to chip off the toasted wax that I let melt onto it and other PCB makings not for audio.

Here is my project:
I wanted to make a kind of splitter for audio 1 line into a left and right via a 3.5mm jacks. Like ear phones/buds but externally.
I have my jacks and all the supplies.
Here is he idea...
1) I take blown ear buds(speakers are blown), and cut off the speakers. leaving the earphone wire with a left and right.
2) Take the wires, and for all intent purposes wire them to 2 3.5mm jacks left and right.

I know this is possible upto a point since all iam replacing are 2 small speakers for bigger speakers, but the problem I am figureing, for larger speakers is distortion and fuzzy's and such which I dont really want.

Question is:
Do i need to but a cap or something inbetween the jack and the left and right wires to filter out anything due to them being bigger?
Audio isnt my thing.

The splitter is going to be used for prob laptop computer music(better speakers than what i have built in), or my mp3 player or radio etc.

These are the speakers I want to use and I prob will good little speakers for the cost.

Pano 7th April 2012 02:11 PM

Sound like you just want a stereo mini to 2 mono connectors. Ear bud wires will work for that.
But that speaker you show should have its own cables, right? I one that's similar and it's USB powered all the needed 1/8" (mini) cables.

KatieandDad 7th April 2012 02:17 PM

The new "Active Speakers" will take care of any matching problems.

At this end of the audio spectrum they will have input capacitors already fitted.

As to level matching, you will have to provide more information or just try them.

Odomus 7th April 2012 02:21 PM

Ok thank you Katie, I appreciate that.... sad I am not a auido person.
I just figured splitting would result in fuzzyness and garbled ness like some speakers do when splitting like this.
And I didnt want to totally put something together just to have to take it apart and my breadboards are all being used for other projects, so soldering then desoldering gets to be a pain.

So thank you I really do appreciate it.. thank you so much.

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