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HifiBoyDenmark 5th November 2011 11:47 PM

Tripath boombox
Hey guys! im new to the DIY part of "HIFI'ing" so i need a little help..

Im going to build a little boombox, and im thinking about useing these parts:

The Tripath TA2021 Amp
25Wx2 TA2021 Tripath T-Amp Class Stereo Amplifier SA-S3 | eBay

And the speakers:
Hertz HCX 690 (2200 danish is 300euros/pair)

And then af 8aH 12v battery

So now i ask you:

how would the tripath amp do with these speakers.. i've gotten a really good offer on the speakers so im quite sure i would go with them bt not if you guys say i shouln't ..

If the parts dont fit together, then what would you profer i would do? like what speakers does then fit the 2x25 watt amp or what amp fits the speakers i linked..

dangus 6th November 2011 12:41 AM

Those look like nice enough speakers, but they appear to be designed to handle a lot more power than you'll get from a T-amp.

What is your goal? Very loud, or very good?

If loud, I'd look for a high-efficiency speaker, 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches), and an equally efficient horn tweeter.

If good, then the most cost-effective approach might be to cannibalize a pair of used speakers. Thrift stores, car boot sales, yard sales as appropriate. You should be able to find a nice pair of smallish two-ways (Europe or UK or US) for next to nothing (with patience and luck). (Yesterday I watched someone pick up a nice pair for $18 Canadian at the Salvation Army. I'd have grabbed them myself, but I was on bicycle, so settled for a tiny silver Sony PS2 for $15.) Maybe leave the speakers intact and make a matching middle box to contain the amp and battery and carrying handle.

HifiBoyDenmark 6th November 2011 01:30 AM

Ny goal is to have a boombox that i can carry myself.. It dosn't has to be great sound but it still has to be okay.. I'm not much for the idea you first wrote, cause I'm not good in constructing speakers like that..

But I've seen people use floor standing speakers drivin by a tripath 2024 (2x15w) .. Those speakers were about 160rms :P and the speaker I'm thinking about buying is way more powerful.. But which 12v amp would you prefer to drive the speakers i linked to. The triparh TA2050 or?

HifiBoyDenmark 6th November 2011 01:53 PM

Any one else who can help me?

Saturnus 6th November 2011 02:15 PM

Drop the idea of using car audio speakers. They're crap and useless for the purpose.

Have a look at my Boominator design and thread. It should give you all the food for thought you can dream of.

The Boominator | Facebook

HifiBoyDenmark 6th November 2011 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by Saturnus (
Drop the idea of using car audio speakers. They're crap and useless for the purpose.

Have a look at my Boominator design and thread. It should give you all the food for thought you can dream of.

The Boominator | Facebook

Hey Saturnus! ;)

i've read the whole thread some days ago, and i must say that the boominator is fantastic! i saw some at Roskilde this year ;)

but what im going to "create" is not a big boombox like the boominator, its more lika a boombox with the same size as a JVC Boomblaster.. I thought about making it a little like this one: ipad boombox - YouTube watch from 0:45 .. because i have an ipad.. but im not that good in crossover and stuff like that.. i believe a crossover is what we in Denmark call a "dele filter" right?.. My thought wass using a 2x25 tripath and then some passiv speakers that already are in a box like a normal passive speaker, or the other option of using car speakers so i wont need a crossover.. only 5-6 km away from where i ive, i saw those speakers i linked for a good price, so i was thinking if thoes would work with 2x25watt.. The boombox will be used to play in Parks and small outdoor communities after school on fridays to play for 10-12 people.. It also has to be used at Roskilde but only when we are in the chill mode after og during sunset in company with some fernet branca.. for the night parties we have a much much much bigget set up ;)

hope you can helt me out

Saturnus 6th November 2011 02:57 PM

If you check out the specification for the speakers you linked, you'll quickly realize that at DKK2200 you're getting ripped off to say the least. If they were a tenth of that price for a pair it would be in line with their actual quality. They'd still as all other car audio speakers be completely useless for boombox use nevertheless so they'd always be a waste of money.

If you want something less serious than the Boominator, then a simple design based on a pair of Monacor SP-60/4, and a pair of cheapo tweeters filtered with just a series cap on the tweeters. There are a few examples of designs like this on the 41Hz Audio - Main page forum. This will set you back about DKK500 max, and will be able to play louder (more sensitivity) and go just as deep in the bass, and the sound quality will be several classes better than those speakers you linked to.

HifiBoyDenmark 6th November 2011 03:06 PM

okay :b well i could get the speakers i linked for 400DKK :b but i think i will use your idea :b so you are saying that i should buy those from Monacor and then some tweeters. Which price range would you prefer the tweeters to be in?. :b

That "series cap" you write is that something like this LSR-10/20 or? i saw you used them in the boominator i think :b

HifiBoyDenmark 6th November 2011 03:29 PM

i was actually more looking at a about 6" driver instead of the 4" if it wouldn't hurd.. Maybe these SP-167E instead of those you wrote.. It will get a little more expensive but i can affort it

Saturnus 6th November 2011 03:32 PM

Nah, that's a series resistor :D

The reason that car audio speakers are useless for boombox use is that they require far too large boxes to get proper bass response outdoor. They're designed to play in a very very small room (the inside of the car) and have terrible efficiency because they in principle have an endless power supply (the engine). Calc'ing on those speakers you linked to would mean they'd need a cabinet of roughly the same size as the boominator so get any real bass performance. The Monacors should be in a roughly 3-4 liter cabinet, each, ie. 8-10 times smaller.

If you want my recommended shopping list:

Tweeters: ND16FA-6 - Dayton 5/8 inch Neodymium Dome Tweeter - Europe Audio
Woofers: SP-60/4 - Monacor HiFi bass-midrange speakers 60Wmax 4Ω - Europe Audio
Series cap: LSCP-68R - MKP polypropylene foil capacitor 6.8µF 250V - Europe Audio

That's all you need. Total DKK521 including shipping from Germany.

EDIT: I'd recommend those 4" woofers. They are like the 10" woofers I use in the Boominator exceptional value-for-money. True gems that are very hard to find.

EDIT2: You might want to order some grills too while you're at it. Or you can use some standard fan grills.

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