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pogodrummer 27th July 2011 08:05 PM

1st timer in amps... headphone amp for grado RS1... complete design?
Hello! i'm not completely new to DIY audio, i mean, i modded my m-audio delta44 and my BX8as with better caps, but nothing bigger than that.
So i recently got into headphones, and i bought a pair of used grado RS1is.
So i had this project: grados go well with tube amps, and they need some sort of case for keeping them in.
I was planning on making this box out of wood and plexiglas (maybe even glass) with a space on top for the headphones and under it an amp.
Now i know absolutely NOTHING about amps, and i know this sucks, because basically what i'm asking you is to give me a project for this, but it's the only way i could accomplish that.
So the amp should be pretty small, should have one only potentiometer for volume (although a crossfeed circuit would be the best thing ever), and two small mechanical vu meters for L and R channels (i was thinking about an r25a) or some other kind of small round vumeter, such as the ones in the SPL phonitor.
So the box would be a cube, on the bottom front the R vumeter, volume knob and L vumeter, and under the volume knob a 1/4in jack. On the back a 12v input, dual XLR and dual 1/4 TRS jacks, and a power button.
The vumeters are obiviously lit, while on the volume knob i'd have a small red LED indicating the position of the knob.
i'm sorry if i haven't been clear, but i'll say everything here :)
could you please give me some advice and (maybe) plans for the amp? I can solder and do DIY, but i repeat, i don't know anything about electronics, so yeah, thank you very much for your appreciation and sorry for my extremely bad english :P

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