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paulieg888 18th June 2011 12:17 AM

Help Please with major Power Outlet/Fusebox disaster
Hi all. I was a member of this forum a few years ago going back several years from then and had to reregistor to post, forgot username/password. To keep it short and simple, I live in a condo complex and the outlets in my room blew my B@K AVR5073:confused:, hardly any sound comes out and it had a Monster Home Theater Reference Powercenter, HTS 3500 MKII, protecting it?, and a fuse that didn't blow in the B&K. Before this, my Sony STRDA2ES lost all equalizer functions, or all digital functions from same outlet and powercenter.:confused: I never should've hooked the B@K to it, but thought the Sony was damaged from work I had done on it just prior to hooking it back up.:rolleyes: It also damaged my cd player and possibly my 400 disc blue-ray player.:eek: I'm very sick, hence the lack of recent posts. I lost all my midrange and upper midrange gear, and all were protected by the powercenter. I need advice on how to run a seperate ps audio, unless there is better, wall outlet, and proper gangbox. I also need to run 12 guage wire to a seperate 20 amp fuse, but no room in fusebox, so need advice on this and if I can just put 2 20 amp fuses in to replace 15 amp fuses, or do I need to buy a seperate single receptical fuse box and reroute to pole. I'm using 12 guage wire in place of the 14 guage. The fusebox is a Westinghouse CATNO B20-30, AFN,ASN Type 1 enclosure. Max main ratings 150 A, 120/240V, 1PH Wire, 120-208V 3 Wire. Main breaker 10,000 amp, 120/240 VAC, short circuit rating 10,000 RMS SymAmperes when used with Bryant Breaker Cats; BR, BRWH, BRSN, BQ, BJ, GF,CB, BD. 22,000 RMS SYM. AMPERES when used with Bryant Speaker Cats: BR40, BJH, GFCBH, as Branch Breakers in main lug panel boards or when Bryant Breaker CATS BRH, BJH are used as main breakers with CATS BD, BR, BQ, BJ, GFCB, Branch Breakers. Main Breakers may be in seperate device. I know, too much info. I just bought the Onkyo TXNR3008 push /pull and W.R.A.T. high amperage, technology. I also bought a dvd player, Onkyo top model 5 or 6 disc player, which can handle the higher frequencies the Amp puts out through HDMI on DVD player and adjustable frequency setting? I have to see this, never heard of in a dvd player, but times have changed and changed again, and my beloved B&K is shot. I need a high definition digital/amp outlet and high amp analog outlet in same two plug receptical. The P&S is only rated for 50 amp receiver and Onkyo with 15 amp Breaker in new Monster HDP 1850G isn't enough, I'm sure.. It's strange how everything went. Digital functions, then it blew my B&K amp without safety fuse in it even blowing and all I did was unplug the video cable from my T.V. which had B&K menu on. It didn't even smoke and was on a very low volume. It's almost like the Video cable worked as a ground. I heard a bunch of clicks, like circuit breakers, in B&K, were clicking back and forth, and am taking in when I can afford to and when I'm in better physical shape to ge an estimate, along with two new speaker grills and a tweeter and all other parts up to connecting wires, except the magnet and screws, for my pyaridiums Version III's, forget spelling and very tired, sorry.
So, lots of questions. The powercenter was in switched mode and ground white light and all green lights on, plus the switched mode lights stayed on and it didn't unswitch, as a surge would produce and protect product, which didn't happen with any of the bad events. I'm very confused as to what happened and an electrician said all o.k. He looked at my Powercenter's reading of 120+/- 1 volt reading and said see. I know there's all kinds of wiring problems here and people tapping into cable, which has made a mess of my reception on my Plasma 1080P TCP-1 42"er. I need correct section I know existed years ago and a lot of advice. Like, is my B&K amp blown, is it the power station, big telephone producing power station, JCP&L, only used for the condos, and can I just change the Main Breaker and put the proper 20 amp fuses in the main fusebox along with running 12 guage wiring? Would I need a lower gauge in wall wirering since running to the main fuse panel, in this case, to the main fusebox, without having to run a seperate one room fusebox and have the electric company come and put a seperate wire to the pole, if allowed here. What's more disturbing is I only have 2 years of heavy use of aforementioned components, even medium use on the Sony STRDA2ES, in a 70 year old house and never had a problem at all. Wiring was even worse there. One more question, sorry. Do I just need a better powercenter with a 20 amp breaker fuse in it and if so, any recomendations? Much thanks for your time to read and I hope I didn't confuse everyone, and I don't expect the answer to my problem, which I know isn't easy, but would greatly appreciate any thoughts, insight, and possiblities.:D I need it to be not too expensive, but have to be sure it is done correct. I will be buying all materials and hiring an installer for the things I can't do because so sick. I have 2 years of Electrical Engineering college credits, but things have changed a lot since 8 + years ago, so . Hence the questions, plus never had such a weird electrical problem before this and sooooooo expensive. Plus, this is my last new reciever and need preamp section for today's constantly changing requirements, HDMI V1.4, for me to listen to high quality sound and watch the concert on DVD on my plasma. Peace.:)

mickeymoose 18th June 2011 03:59 PM

Sorry for your loss and I hope your health improves!
These powerbars with overvoltage protection are mostly useless.
Google ferro-resonant transformer or constant voltage transformer. Such a device could be your answer!
All the best, E

Cal Weldon 26th June 2011 03:57 PM

Bumping this for Paul. If anyone can help I'm sure it would be most appreciated.

paulieg888 7th July 2011 05:28 PM

Thanks Cal and some corrections and ?'s

Originally Posted by Cal Weldon (
Bumping this for Paul. If anyone can help I'm sure it would be most appreciated.

It was a monster reference powercenter. I'm not crazy about the clean power part, but the surge protection always protected my B@K until I had to move to mom's when I got so sick. The A.C. is run in two fuse/breaker boxes split into 15 amps each and not a seperate 20 amp, as I mentioned and there are other 20 amp marked fuse/breakers, but also split and connected as to split into two boxes at 10 amps each. I'm learning more and more and bought an Onkyo TXNR-3008 at 140 watts and 9.2 channels, or 9. It's my last chance, I'm basically broke, and I have to run a 20 amp fuse/breaker to protect my last chance at music so can I split the same way the A.C. company did, buy proper 20 amp fuse for high amp digital input for the one plug insert and high amp analog input, for the other plug insert? Then I'm sure I'd have to replace the fuseboxes recepticle? Is this possible, since I would have to route two zones to one gang-box. Must be if A.C. company did and several other rooms or devices are wired that way So, if phone company doesn't let me run to the wire, as this is best solution and problems started when A.C. was added, is above doable. I'm buying a book on this, but any help or info, and stores to get any mentioned possibilities, would be greatly appreciated. A good electrician that know's Home theater and direct wiring, in North Jersey area, Morris County, I'd love to hear if you could do, as I'm too sick for most of the work, if not all. I will pay, of course. Please, any book referals, anything. I'd think this would be easily done as A.C. company did, but then I have to redo the double recepticle, I use, for power in rest of my room and most important, is fusebox up to it?

paulieg888 7th July 2011 05:32 PM

Found loose 20 amp in singe recepticle
Bet it's my room.:rolleyes::mad:

paulieg888 7th July 2011 05:47 PM

The A.C company used a 50 split and there's a 60 split. I had to put flash light on to see and we were lied to by the inspector yesterday, as he said it was a 30 split over 2 and it's 50, plus 60 probably my room or single 20's more like it, I don't know and am too upset to think about. I need a break. Thanks for any help.

paulieg888 7th July 2011 05:51 PM

I'm so sick of what happened to honesty. America was founded on it and now we are in debt and have all kinds of places ripping you off and lying. I miss the good old days. When everything electronic or tools were mostly American. Likw Milwaukee, Portor Cable, etc.

paulieg888 7th July 2011 06:02 PM

I'm getting inspector gadget back over here. A 60 amp split into two 30's and a 50 amp split into two 25's, is what finally did it and I'm steaming. Gotta go. Peace and any electricians that want to look at and do, please let me know.:D I have like 3 weeks to do.:(

Cal Weldon 7th July 2011 06:11 PM

Sorry to hear of the troubles but glad you are getting it sorted out finally.

paulieg888 7th July 2011 06:51 PM

So, any taker's. My mother wants an electrician to come out and repair or replace fuse box, if needed, and do my seperate power supply. We are in Florham Park, Northeast Jersey, just outside the war-zone of Jersey City and Newark, not that I don't like Jersey City. I used to live there. Just like the country or more like suburbia of Landing, my house, better, up in Lake Hopatocong. I have a place in Port Morris part of Landing, but Florham Park is my home now. Any licensed electrician that knows how to run a seperate power supply for hi fi would be great and we need written proof of evaluation, so A.C. company hopefully pays for my stuff and the work, in the end, you would do.

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