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aptquark 14th June 2010 12:37 PM

My contribution to this site...if anyone is interested.
I had the opportunity to design my own interconnects. I spent approximately 10K in materials, equipment, research and design, and hundreds of hours with trial and error. Why? because I wanted to add something special to my systems that was "me". Also...this is an arena that I believe is easier for the amateur to do themselves. Mind you, I'm not just talking about conductor + Teflon + connectors = interconnects. This was an all-out assault to design something almost entirely had made.

I would be glad to do a tutorial with plenty of pics from start to finish if I can get enough interest from the peeps here. These are not your typical construction IC's. I promise.

Just add a comment like :

Sure...I'll read the damn thing.
Heck...I would love to see your thoughts and ideas.
Show me your's and I'll show you mine.

...or just a simple, OK, go for it will do.

you Won't be disappointed, I promise.


DigitalJunkie 14th June 2010 12:39 PM

Let's see what you've got! <--suitable comment? :)

chinsettawong 14th June 2010 01:50 PM

Ok, go for it. :)

habsrock93 14th June 2010 01:56 PM

Heck...I'll read the damn thing :)

jrenkin 14th June 2010 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by habsrock93 (
Heck...I'll read the damn thing :)

Me too! Very interested!

SemperFi 14th June 2010 02:36 PM

Bring it on!
I'll read it and even review a sample for you.

max426 14th June 2010 02:45 PM

"Smoke em if ya got em"

Holger Barske 14th June 2010 02:47 PM

Interest over here. Start typing :D.

lgreen 14th June 2010 02:49 PM

OK, I'd love to see what you did.

I promise to skim it once.

And then read it again, carefully.

aptquark 14th June 2010 05:27 PM


I'll organize my thoughts...and will start tonight.

The breakdown will be as follows (not necessarily in this order)

1 - Discussion of pros and cons of numerous connectors and the practicality of their design implementation including the acoustic signatures exhibited by these connectors.

Neutrik, WBT, Cardas, Eichmann, Vampire, Home Grown Audio (Rhodium), DHLabs, Audio note etc.

2 - Simple discussion of electron propagation in a conductor so as to explain why the given material for conduction was chosen

UPOCC (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Cast) solid core silver and solid core copper wire

3 - Dielectric absorption and its influence on signal propagation relating to chosen material.


4 - Shielding from interference by neighboring equipment/environment.

not telling yet...secret surprise (this is the part where everyone will either say screw it...or will follow through with the building of these interconnects)

5 - Conductor morphology

Single solid core silver (SSCS) vs. SSCCopper vs. SSCS/SSCC wound vs. SSCS/DoubleSCC wound vs. DSCS/DSCC wound etc.

6 - External protective jacket

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) braided sleeving, Nylon braided sleeving

7 - Testing/conditioning equipment for connectors and conductors

Audiodharma cable cooker
Manley Skipjack
Cryo treatment

8 - Reference equipment for tweaking signature of interconnects (aka my home stereo)

Weytech Labs Opal Preamp, Audible Illusion L1 preamp, Jeff Roland Concerto preamp, McIntosh C712 control center, Melody SP7 Inegrated tube amp

ASR Basis Exclusive phono preamp, Vacuum State JLTI phono preamp

Origin Live resolution turntable with Illustrious arm, and ZYX Airy3 0.24mv cartridge
Pioneer Premier PL-90 turntable with ceramic arm and Shure cartridge
B&O Linear turntable with MMC2 cartridge

Thiel 2.4 speakers, Acoustic Zen Adagio Jr. speakers, JBL 4312C control monitors, Magneplanar MMG speakers, Audio Nirvana DIY speakers.

Gamut D200MRKII amp, Jeff Roland 201 mono amps, VTL mono amps, McIntosh MC2500 amps, DIY Zen type amp, Melody SP7 integrated tube amp, DIY 6550 tube amp, Monarchy Audio SM70 Pro mono amps

Denon studio CD/CDR, Jolida CD700 CDP

And when I say that I literally tried EVERY combination of conductor morphology with every single imaginable combination of equipment...I am dead serious. The Manley skipjack is something no cable engineer should do without. It made my whole auditioning process very efficient. You can hook up 4 different interconnects to it and instantaneously, without disruption, switch through each one.
More later on tonight.


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