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VornagaGreg 3rd November 2009 01:47 AM

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I did not know where else to post this except that i knew it should probably be on
I am a newbie, sorry.

I am trying to build a pedal to switch between 2 amps and 2 guitars.

the pedal will have 1 stomp switch to switch between the following 2 setups.
(i also included a jpeg of what i am trying to build)

[Guitar 1] ------ [Pre amp, poweramp 1]

[Guitar 2] ------ [Pre amp, poweramp 2]


[Guitar 1]

[Guitar 2] ------- [Pre amp, poweramp 1] and [Preamp, poweramp 2]

the puspose of the unit is so the other guitarist and i can switch between each of us playing our respective amps and the other guitarist playing both amps (while I am using synth) so that there is no volume drop when i cut out and our live tone is nearly unaffected because he will be using my my preamp with my settings.

I have tried building one myself allready but it did not work when i tried to send one guitar signal through 2 amps. (i just split the wire after the guitar and sent it to the inputs of the amps)

I know that it will be the schematic from an a/b/y splitter box but i am looking for something that is simpler that will only do what i described above as efficiently as possible with little to no signal coloration.

I am looking to find out not only how to do this but the audio theory behind why my first build was unsuccessful.

Enzo 3rd November 2009 04:40 AM

OK, so you really want 2 to play through his amp2 all the time, and then you want the amp1 to be switchable, receiving from guitar 1 or guitar 2.

You get an AB pedal wired with the two guitars in the A and B, with the common going to the input of amp 1. That solves the selecting the guitar for amp1 part.

Now to get guitar 2 into both his amp and the AB box, you either use a Y cord, or a second AB box wired as a splitter. In other words guitar 2 plugged into the common of his ABY box set as a Y. One leg to amp2, the other leg to his side of the first AB box.

Leave his box set on Y, since it doesn;t matter whether the one leg goes all the way to amp1 or not, but always to amp2. Now just step on the first box to select guitar 1 or guitar 2 into amp 1. Guitar 2 goes to amp2 all the time either way. Make sense?

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