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dulobast25 30th September 2009 12:04 AM

cerwin vega at-15s tips on repair and remodel
i'm looking to bia mp my cerwin vega at-15s.
looking to keep the active x over network to feed the mids and highs for front right and front left and looking to run a separate amp straight to the subs with no passive xover just fed from the "sub" or "ulf" rcas from my receiver

i was going to add a "biamp terminal cup, pull out the bars and use one terminal pair as crossover sub out and the other as sub in, so by repalcing the bars the operation returns to normal.

Secondly, my cabinet started rattling. I have repaired it in the past with wood glue and large wood clamps only for the vibration to return a year later. any recommendation or repairing thes particle board/laminate cabinets, the corners are mortised at the rear and front and mitered an tops and bottoms

Lastly, i would like to change the color from walnut to semi flat, semi-gloss or gloss black and would like the finish to be durable and id liek to allpl right over the laminate or apply new laminate. any suggestions? anyone reface or remodel lamiante enclosures?
any help would be apprecated.

loudvegas 2nd October 2009 03:24 PM

Ahh...AT 15s. The Pinnacle of huge *** Cerwin Vega cabs. I really wish I had a pair and somewhere to let them stretch their legs. Maybe one day I will have a big enough game room or something to have a new par.

I like your idea of bi-amping the speakers but I was wondering if you may be better with a big *** amp (something like a Crest CA4) and EQ them to sound however you want? IF you want to bi-amp them then let us know how that works out and your idea should work.

As for refinishing and fixing:
1. You will have to strip off the vinyl covering. If I remember correctly the AT line had a vinyl wood grain covering.
2. I had to run screws from the outside of the cabinet to the braces inside to "pull it together". If you are going to refinish them then you can do this and use wood filler over the screw holes that you used to screw into the internal braces.

I had a pair of VS 120s that sounded like the trunk on a ghetto mobile and I had put screws/glue in them to get the rattles down. I have been known to use big power on my big CV cabs before though. (cough cough PV 1500, Carver PM 1.5...etc) and I am sure this is part of the cause.

DACALL 30th December 2009 08:22 PM

Cerwin Vega
I have a mint condition (demonstrated use only) pair of ex AT/15 bass drivers for sale -- I bought them from a dealer some years ago and they have been carefully boxed and stored in my spare bedroom.
They were taken from new but damaged cabinets (scratched veneer)
Their Fs is around 28Hz/power is 400Watt/4ohms -- have huge magnets and would be expensive for me to post outside the UK.

I was going to use them in a back to back subwoofer -- but now my room is smaller and my wife is bigger!

dulobast25 29th December 2012 06:41 PM

cerwin vega at-15s
i actually have 4 of them, and 3 of them have rattle issues.

I glued them before and they sounded great for a long, long time.

I really have no interest in driving screws thru the veneer

i think i will screw wood block to the corners using screws too short to pierce the veneer

btw, i'm running a kenwood 6070 7.1 receiver running all cv center and surround speakers with the preamp out feeding the signal to a carver m1.5t at 380wpc@ 8 ohms, but 600wpc at 4 ohms (with the at-15s in parallel)

Richard Ellis 29th December 2012 07:24 PM

I have always been leery of factory enclosures ever since a pair of Name brand speakers I had hit the ground..........& broke apart.
....I had the pair atop my Mustang wired to the then Hi-tech amp, playing music, along came the wind & they toppled, breaking apart in their component panels...yes all mortised, glued but they were in pieces.
As a test many years later, I chucked my project enclosures of the same approximate size onto pavement as a test.....over & over again I could not break take was ...we as builders can make our enclosures far better than factory.
I would build new enclosures for your old Cerwin would be freed from CVs constraints of dimensions & appearance....perhaps dividing up the woofers from the Mid/tweets...????? The possibilities are endless.

__________________________________________________ ___Rick..........

Doomlord_uk 29th December 2012 10:55 PM

I can't imagine needing to use massive power amps on the AT-15s. They are 102dB/W/m sensitive! I ran mine from a Yamaha M85 power amp because that's what I had, but I had to be VERY careful with the volume control, and that was with the attenuators at -6dB on the amp too... They are also only rated at 200Ws RMS and 400Ws peak. They just don't need much power...

Richard Ellis 30th December 2012 04:02 AM

The Cerwin Vega AT 15s are indeed a Four Ohm loudspeaker.......pairing them up in parallel is getting you Two Ohms or there about.....Your putting your Carver into un-known territory....squeezing things. I would bet you rarely run them at a full clip...being it would be very, very loud........such levels run for a longer stretch of time would surely overtax the Carver.

__________________________________________________ ____Rick..........

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