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ttan98 7th February 2011 11:52 PM

Recommend an Amplifier for twin woofers

I like to build an amplifier which must be able drive my twin woofers connected in parallel to give between 3-4ohms.

I have a power supply which will give me about +/-70Vdc and I need at least 125W into 8 ohms and 250W into 4 ohms. More power output from the amplifier is a bonus.

You have many modules which will fit this criteria, I need the power output to be clean and ability to drive these loads. Please recommend me a few models which I can look at your website and I will decide from there.


Cristi 8th February 2011 11:41 AM

Starting from the voltage value of the available power power supply, i can only recommend this boards: Connexelectronic
at +-70V the amplifier can deliver about 400-500W on a 4R impedance or at least 200W on 8R. having higher supply voltage will give you a reserve and better dynamic, the amp will be far from clipping at any time if you only need 250W. make sure that you have enough capacitance for the caps from the power supply, using the amplifier for low-frequencies, otherwise the supply voltages will boost beyond the overvoltage threshold and the amp will mute every time when play loud low frequencies. i recommend at least 4700uF per rail for each module when supply them at +-70V.

ttan98 8th February 2011 09:24 PM


Do you have them in stock now incl. instruction sheets or do I have to wait for its availability?

glt 8th February 2011 09:41 PM

Hi Cristi,

Your new amp coupled with the resonant supplies are perfect for subs application. But there is a need of a simple module with summing R+L input, configurable low pass filter and some amount of level control. Any plans for such a module? :-)

ttan98 8th February 2011 09:46 PM


Does this module, IRS2092 needs a speaker protector outboard? or Does it has a built-in speaker relay?

col 8th February 2011 09:51 PM

also, the thing I ALWAYS need but no DIY designer bothers with is a clipping light.

Cristi 9th February 2011 11:44 AM

Glt, thank you for the suggestion, as i mentioned some months ago, there are so many things that can be done, unfortunately there is no time for everything, and i must filter the ones which are required the most, if there are other requests too, i consider to design it.

The IRS2092 Modular Amplifier has speaker protection relay on board. i know, some of you guys will say that is useless, the ic has silent start, short-circuit protection, etc. but for an amplifier module, not a complete product, there is always good to have one more level of protection, especially when there are modules with different supply voltage requirements, the lowest power one has 100V Vds transistors, and this can be definitely killed if is supplied with +-80V as is required for the 600W one. I already have a customer which bought 6 of these modules, 2 are 150W, 2 are 250W and 2 are 600W for an active filter amplifier. by mistake, it can be easy to connect the 150W module instead of 600W one since they share the same housing. the relay will not connect the speakers in this case.

Col, some of the amplifiers ic's have built-in clipping, such as LME49810 others require an external circuit. i will consider this suggestion as well.

ttan98 9th February 2011 10:00 PM


You haven't answer my question, is the +/- 70Vdc IRS2092 module in stock and the instruction sheets that go with them?

Cristi 10th February 2011 02:17 PM

I have the amplifier modules on stock. i can ship them just next week, the shipping company hasn't started work yet, due to Chinese New Year holiday. I will write the manual in the following weeks, as soon as i have some free time for this. till then, i just ask me what is unclear and i will answer.

ttan98 11th February 2011 09:30 AM

Advise me when the post office reopens after holidays, I will place order then.

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