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jackinnj 28th October 2009 02:30 PM

New Jersey Audio Society
The New Jersey Audio Society meets monthly at locations in and around the Garden State...often at a member's home to audition their equipment and discuss what's new and upcoming. From time to time, high end audio equipment retailers will demonstrate some of the equipment which us mere mortals can only dream of owning.

One of the most fascinating meetings was demonstration of a Theremin device by one of the violinists from the NJ Symphony Orchestra. There was also a DIY speaker outing at one member's home this past summer. (Couldn't go as me and the XYL were on vacation).

Contact me through the diyaudio mailing system and I will provide details. I know that a lot of Jersey DIY'rs exist judging by the number of F3,F4 and F5 and Gainclone kits which I have sent to addresses in the Garden State.


jackinnj 6th November 2009 11:54 PM

Next meeting on Sunday, November 15th -- will audition the ATC loudspeakers, not just ANY ATC loudspeakers but the model used by the late Gordon Holt. Contact me via the DIYAUDIO mail system if interested.

Listens2tubes 8th November 2009 09:59 PM

If you are in or near New Jersey this will be a great time to meet some others afflicted with the audio bug. :wave2:


jackinnj 10th January 2010 02:52 AM

The December meeting was moved to Sunday, Jan 17th owing to the crummy weather. Still in Edison. PM me if you care to attend.

jackinnj 17th March 2010 05:26 PM

Meets this Sunday in Glen Ridge. Contact me offline if interested.

Last month was in Princeton --

jackinnj 22nd June 2010 01:49 PM

Meets this Sunday June 27th -- our first ever "vintage" meeting -- if interested PM me:
According to the meeting announcement:
Here's the list of antediluvian audio equipment:
Main Room
* Eico HF 81 tube amp /preamp (unrestored and original )
* AR-3a speakers
* Maestro Cables
* Meridian 508.20 CD
Second setup
* Fisher 400 tube receiver
* Epos speakers
Media Room
* Krell KSA 250 and KBl Preamp
* Definitive technologies ST speaker system
* Denon A/V receiver

nabdou 27th August 2010 09:38 PM

I am a video journalist with The Star-Ledger newspaper and we are working on an online video feature about a Princeton University astrophysics professor who, in his spare time, works on spatial audio, or “3D sound.”

I have not been able to find a contact for the New Jersey Audio Society, and was hoping you could help, as I am looking for input on this story from someone who is very knowledgeable about sound. I am hoping to get their reaction to this scientist's work and give me an idea of how this sound is different from other high quality sound equipment.

I was hoping you might be able to suggest a few experts — perhaps yourself? — who might fit this bill and would be interested in being in the video. Ideally, this is someone from New Jersey who is a serious audiophile and, preferably, has a rather sophisticated home setup. I know this is short notice, but this is for Tuesday, Aug. 31. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

For more details, please give me a call at (973) 392-4143 (I am working this weekend) or email me at (which I am checking throughout the day). Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

To give you an idea of what the video would be like, I’ve attached links to a few video features below:

Randolph veterinarian uses new stem cell therapy on ailing pets: Randolph veterinarian uses new stem cell therapy on ailing pets - Video |

At government lab in Atlantic City, scientists think like terrorists in the name of security: At government lab in Atlantic City, scientists think like terrorists in the name of security - Video |

The Upstage club in Asbury Park where Bruce Springsteen started: The Upstage club in Asbury Park where Bruce Springsteen started - Video |

Kind regards,
Nyier Abdou

Nyier H. Abdou
Reporter/Video Journalist
The Star-Ledger
1 Star-Ledger Plaza
Newark, NJ 07102

Tel. (973) 392-4143; Fax (973) 274-8733 The Star-Ledger Videos -

leesonic 9th February 2011 12:59 PM

What's the deal with this NJ Audio Society? Do you show up somewhere, and listen to each others audio equipment? How is that set up, does each person have a certain amount of time, or pieces of music to play? Do you ever meet in Southern NJ?


gander 9th April 2012 03:01 PM

Try this for the New Jersey Audio Society:


This lists contact information for all sorts of audio societies.

The way I found it was by googling "New Jersey Audio Society". :)


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