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speaker 13th September 2009 01:11 PM

New Englanders Chime In!
Metrowest Boston here.

Scott Stansbury 16th September 2009 02:04 PM


ptwining 29th September 2009 05:51 PM

Hey Boston!
Ptwining here - live in Sherborn (kinda next to Natick/Framingham).

Here's the message -

The Boston Audio Society seems to be a dead-lost group of dusty old dudes who are a bunch of high-ticket gear worshippers.

Ok, now that I have that off my chest - how about we start (I'll carry the ball) a DIY group in the Boston area dedicated to swapping techniques, showing off our gear, and working together to rescue the absolute *home* of hi-fi by combining forces to re-innovate and re-build the grass-roots audio industry here.

Maybe, heaven forfend, we could host a Burning Amp here - where it all began. Boston was home to Winslow Burhoe (EPI/Genesis), Henry Kloss (KLH), Huy Powell (Genesis) - and the list goes on (google it...).

Now all we have is *the name that must not be spoken* and a bunch of home-theater mutants at Boston Acoustics and Cambridge Audio (now defunct I think).

Generally, we all build stuff that is better than what is commercially available. Truth - I see The Boston Audio Collective (resistance is futile) as the future of vertical high-end audio on the East Coast. There is a fantastic commercial opportunity waiting for us here - as most folks are *sick* of being told what to like and even sicker of stacks of impenetrable numbers that are supposed to tell them what is *good*. Not to mention the 30,000$ price tag that goes with anything decent.

Let's build, audition, and make available a new vision of audio - *volks-audio* - if you will, machines for the people, designed to please them, that they can afford - machines that will deck the dusty power-houses.

Now, I am aware that a *bazillion* DIY'ers have tried before to enter the commercial market - consider the case of Kevin Haskins at Exodus Audio - he is (IMHO) one of the best speaker designers on the face of the planet. He offered the 261's, the 2641's (whose design I still use), and the Keplers. He had every resource at his disposal, fabulous designs and yet, he folded them all up.

I used to wonder why he folded, but now I understand. The market is thin at best and over-served at worst - but (!), if it is approached with a new business model (ie: a vertical, bespoke and personalized approach) based on serving those who give enough of a damn to pay for something unique and handcrafted - even if it's (gulp/hack/cough) home-theater stuff.

The time is right. People have lost trust in the *big* guys after this huge financial crisis. The pure commercial motive behind their operations is now fully exposed - as it has been with all huge multi-national marketing engines..

So, let's rock Boston and then shake the mountain. That is my cunning plan. Any takers? (me straps leek to forehead - "Don't worry My Lord, I have a cunning plan..." - Baldric in BlackAdder)

As Maimonides taught us - If not now, when? And if not me, then who?

Oh, and yes, there are bats in my belfry, lots of them.


Anyway, an invitation to play for any takers...

(Oh oh, was that too much of a *chime-in*?)



MoodySteve 20th October 2009 02:44 PM

NYC-er here - I'd be interested in attending DIY meets in the area. :)

flg 20th October 2009 04:47 PM

Southern R.I. down here. Da'know though. I'll be movin again soon. probably stay in the area for another year or so?

dave_gerecke 21st October 2009 01:42 AM

I'm in Burlington Vermont here. A bit north of you folks, and I am still getting organized so I have room to build. I kind of collected too many parts, etc. to have room to work. :blush::D



Michael Chua 21st October 2009 03:30 AM

I'm slightly farther up north and to the east in Calais, Maine. The border crossing to St Stephen, New Brunswick is just down the road.


Bitrex 21st October 2009 03:56 AM

Brockton MA area here!

agillis 24th November 2009 05:17 AM

New Hampshire, Manchester area.

w1jim 26th January 2010 01:29 AM

More a vintage restorer and modifier then a complete DIYer (though a bit of that); I live in Needham, MA.

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