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udailey 6th March 2009 07:05 PM

New England Audio Get Together
Lets use this forum to talk about it.
We have a few people interested so far and it looks like it will happen but looks like 2 more people could show if we do it next weekend.
So lets try MAR 14th.

Lets discuss whether it should be then or this Saturday/tomorrow or both why not?
We can discuss food, music, sources, amps, speakers to bring. We can discuss my house/music room as well as times.
If next weekend then we can do this at my place or we can rent a conference room at a hotel if we want a large room.
Food at a hotel might get pricey. Food at my place could be lobster or Pizza, beer or wine. Whatever, lobster is good and cheap :)

udailey 6th March 2009 07:13 PM

The living room is about 17x12x8. Wood floors. Basement is 30x15x6.5'. Yeah I have hit my head on the support beams. Basement has a wicked corner in it that gets boomy. Still sounds nice but maybe we can move it all upstairs.

Course we can get a conference room. Probably 20-40 bucks each but its been a long time since I rented one.

I have a MyRefC, B1, Lightspeed attenuator, Fonken MKII with FE127E, Audio Nirvana 12' BR cabs. All of which were incredible improvements but are at the moment the max of my gear. Oh, an ADC sound shaper and DEQ2496 which is going back to the seller soon.

Looking forward to discussion. Hoping to hear some great preamps, some Pass amps, maybe horns? would be cool. A good thing to bring would be a great CDP or turntable and phono pre. My CDP is worth at least $45 :)

Tea-Bag 6th March 2009 07:21 PM

U - I have a modded Dennon 2900, has transformer outputs, 2.3v RMS out. Might be a decent, if not fussy source. It's getting a little long in the tooth, having replaced the tray earlier this year, and laser.

Can't promise I can make it...

Have functioning F4 and F2 as well.
Will try to cobble together my F5 parts into a working chassis.
If not, I can clip lead it's guts into something no problem.

udailey 6th March 2009 07:23 PM

Who needs a Chassis? :)

billyk 6th March 2009 07:25 PM

Well, just got off the phone with the wife. If we get together tomorrow, and we should, I'll take care of Dad's PC and then be free for the day. So I am good for tomorrow.
I will bring my Millet Hybrid, my PV7, it has a great phono stage with some vintage telefunkens in it and my CAL Delta transport and Alpha DAC. I will also bring my iRiver, any specific tune requests? I will bring some of my more favorite live stuffs.
I'll bring some beers too, I love IPA, any requests
Whadya think.

udailey 6th March 2009 07:33 PM

Sounds great BillyK :)
IPA is my favorite unless its a great Hefeizen or however its spelled. Snake River brewery has the best I ever tasted.
Tunes - no requests, I like to hear what others are into. I am into Bruce Springsteen right now and Natalie Merchant. But if you are into Big Band or whatever bring it over.
Larry if you are into coming over tomorrow then lets do it then and we can set something up for the next weekend that is a bit more serious, specially in light of the possible Nelson Pass gear! :)
Tomorrow anytime is fine for me. What works for you two? Sounds like a fun day.

TeaBag and Booangler we can still work out something a bit more involved for next weekend and this weekend will just be a warm up to next weekends Freezing Amp fest. Maybe Larry and BillyK can help me figure out the best setup for the room this weekend.

booangler 6th March 2009 08:28 PM

Long drive but I might

Where in Ri am I going if I come, and I am seriously considering it. if I get my **** together I can bring my 6t9 tube amp and an Aikido tube pre. Would reguire some late night soldering sessions but I would be game. If i had some more time I'd have more but that would be it for now.

I love IPA and Lobster;) Seriously, do have thing for IPA's, have any of you tried Southern Tier IPA? If I come I'll bring some. Also, like good Single Malts:eek: .

Get me some details.


udailey 6th March 2009 08:48 PM

Shot you an email with my addy.
If anyone else is interested in coming feel free. If you need to figure the distance my Zip code is 02896. Just go to google maps and figure it using "your zip to 02896" and it will give you a good estimate.
Not posting my address on here but if you are coming just shoot me an email and I will respond with my address.

booangler 6th March 2009 09:01 PM

Road Trip

That doesn't seem to bad. I have only one class on Friday so getting there is easy. Drive home might be more challenging. Is this going to be a one day or two day event? Do you think we will have a TT for a source? If so, I have some vinyl that I will bring.

I was also thinking I could maybe, just maybe, be able to mod my Playstation before the weekend and bring that as a CD source.

Keep the info coming.


udailey 6th March 2009 09:44 PM

The playstation is good as is IMHO but mods are cool. Plus its neat to be able to show off the $20 gem!!
No TT here. Someone else might bring one but I dont know if anyone has one.
I was thinking a one day event but there's no harm in getting here Friday if you want to go to a pub or something. You know my schedule is clear.

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