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Vikash 5th February 2008 10:45 PM

The second UK diyAudio meet: UKFest08
Following on from the overall success of the first meet, UKFest07, it seems the time is ripe to get our thinking caps on for the new and improved version for this year.

Let me get it started:
- When?
- Where?
- What can we improve upon last year?
- What else would you like to see/include?


Vikash 5th February 2008 10:58 PM

Considering we're already in Feb, I'd say shoot for around August. And I think we've already settled on somewhere further south then the last one.

I say Milton Keynes, as there's no way I'm hiring a van again! Ok well maybe ;)

A few obvious areas of improvement: Stay away from church hall reverberant rooms, and bring some sources! Also time just disappeared last year, so more pre-event organisation required definitely.

I'd like to see more presentations. I still want to see Al's and SY's planned presentations from last time.


ShinOBIWAN 5th February 2008 11:09 PM

Re: The second UK diyAudio meet: UKFest08

Originally posted by Vikash
Let me get it started:
- When?
- Where?
- What can we improve upon last year?
- What else would you like to see/include?


Vik, what's your thoughts on these?
Edit: Crossed posts with yours so scratch that.

For myself its:

July/August time seems good - enough time for folks to finish up projects and plan ahead so as to clear a day or two out of the calender to attend. Its also UK in full summer time swing so hopefully the weather will be nice.

Personally speaking I'd prefer somewhere between London and up as far as the Scottish board. A few did mention southern England for this year and I couldn't agree more. Hopefully some folks that would have had long journeys last year, and so missed out, will get a chance this time. Maybe next year one way up north in the Scotland?

What can we improve upon last year?
Definitely somewhere with above average acoustics or better. There were plenty of loudspeakers last year but not much in the way of sources, so more electronics would be good to see. Slightly more direction and organisation than last year I think might give more focus. I enjoyed myself anyway and I think most others did too so I don't know if this would make for a better event or not.

What else would you like to see/include?
Looking forward to seeing and hearing anything really. Not sure about what to bring. At the moment I'm looking forward to meeting some old and new faces as well as checking out all things DIY.

seroxatmad 6th February 2008 12:52 PM

Hi all

I don't mind traveling to the smog but for people traveling maybe cambridge area...what I mean outside of the M25. For me a bit further down the A1 would be no problem, or is this to far to the east?

Maybe a poll of say 6 areas would make people from say scotland a voice as to which is easiest for them.


Just to confuse things - maybe get some early block bookings in at a suitable hotel that would be near also. Then we can bore the girlfriends or wifes even more!


Fidelity Audio 6th February 2008 01:02 PM

mmm well I would love to make this one as the last one was missed due to taking the wife away for the weekend.


poynton 6th February 2008 01:09 PM

Cambridge is a bit difficult to get to from the west and Wales.

Somewhere in the M4, M5,M40 and M1 'triangle
Oxford, Gloucester, Banbury.

Dates - End of August / September avoiding BH week

PigletsDad 6th February 2008 01:22 PM

I bailed out of the last event due to excessive work commitments - and my wife wanted to do something with the horses that weekend.

Somewhere not too far north or east would be good, as the travelling time to say Cambridge is a barrier.

As a starter how about somewhere in the triangle bounded by Oxford, Leicester and Bedford? Reasonably central, and not far for most people to travel.

From my point of view, June and July are out (foals are due in early June and late July). August or later would be better.

I didn't go to the last one, so can't comment on the acoustics.

Presentations sound like a great idea.

Also, to give some structure to what people have done, why not have a poster session? This is an idea from scientific conferences where too many people have stuff to present for the time available. A time slot (say 4-5 Saturday or whatever) is set aside, and you need some boards (or walls you stick things to). Those who are happy to take part put up a "poster" - this can be some text describing what you have done, circuits, photos, whatever, provided it fits in say a 2m wide by 1.5m high space. At the start of the session, the poster presenters standby their board, and everybody else wanders round, and looks at the ones they are interested in.

Obviously, you would have too see if anybody was prepared to do it, but it is a nice informal way to pass information across without having to do public speaking.

SimontY 6th February 2008 01:38 PM

I'm not too fussy about time or location, but as a preference:

* not more than 4hrs from me, so London or so tops

* August could be a good time for me, nice weather would make it a more fun occasion with beer garden pints afterwards etc.

I enjoyed the informal nature of Chesterfield. I'm not fussed about presentations or lectures, I just like to meet, chat and admire people's efforts. And of course listen!


ps. it's a long way off but some kind of car sharing might be an idea to share petrol costs.

405man 6th February 2008 04:12 PM

As I said in the last post as far north as possible but if not then near the M6 M5 M40 M42 or A34 as I have friends near Southampton


steve shiels 6th February 2008 07:47 PM

I enjoyed the last meet, i may be able to make one in the south..
august is a little busy due to holiday commitments
.. but it depends on dates..


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