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ptwining 29th March 2006 10:54 PM

I have a kind of UcD survey question, maybe it's in the wrong place...
Sorry it's been so long since I posted.

I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something stupid.

How many of you, if any, would be interested in a fast P4 class machine that had a beefy power supply and a pair of UcD180's in it?

It's black steel, 17"w x 10"d x 3.5"H. with an anodized faceplate.

I mean, if you could get a wicked computer with a nice DAC and an amp section in the same box?

No more hooking your PC to your stack of amps to get good sound.

And, what if you could control it over your network or from a wireless touchscreen?

Oh, and you could use any playback software you liked (not like Sonos or AudioRequest) as well as surf or IM while you tune out...

There is no proprietary software to get in your way. The box is a pure PC with a UcD section. Period.

Here is my question...

I wanted one of these things - so I built one.

Now I'm trying to decide how to respond to peoples interest.

So, ask questions, flame me, make suggestions, but please - say something...

Personally, I think the thing is brilliant - sounds GREAT and allows ME to be in control of how I catalogue and play my tunes.

Want one? Or do you think the idea is a bust...

Should it have a powered subwoofer out? Or should it just be a pair of line-level outs?

I have this damn thing sitting on a shelf- works perfectly - dead quiet - clear as a bell - 200 hours so far - what do I do with it?

2 years of work hang in the balance! LOL.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Tom Twining

snkby 30th March 2006 01:25 AM

send it to
me for evaluation and a review. ;)

seems like a good idea for someone wanting something like that.

not to discourage you but...........

first and foremost above all is king.

doesnt matter how good or bad the product is.

the sad truth is that marketing is what matters if you are interested in selling a lot of something.

and seriously i would love to hear it but honestly it would have to be in my system for a fair comparison.

and then long in my system for me to go through all my reference music.

the unit sounds like a great idea to me.

good luck.

KeithC 30th March 2006 01:33 AM

Hi Tom,

I have been using a computer server for music since the days of the Soundblaster Gold. Nowadays I stream audio, video, and digital radio and television to any PC on the house lan, and have 600GB of adio/video storage.

I have thought long & hard about integrating amps into the PC (you used to be able to buy modules for this - had one but blew it up).

My thoughts:

1. T2020 rather than UcD to run from standard PC smps.

2. Complete integration is wife-friendly due to lack of cables (I have 20+ mains connectors in my main room).

3. Couldn't do it on my main server, as it runs 24x7 for DAB & DVB recording - as well as Mailwasher, and it would spend the majority of it's life on the bench being upgraded.

4. It would suit the modern generation that have been brought up on music centres, and who consequently are baffled by a phono plug.

5. Single point of failure.

6. Similar systems are starting to appear in the marketplace - it's what the new Intel initiative is all about. Though quality of comercial integrated products will typically be the usual tat (targetted at price breaks).

7. My missus, who is supposedly computer literate, can be perplexed by Outlook Express (although she quite happily manipulates dvd recorder/video recorder/DVB recorder/Television - three remotes, six tuners, tape/disk/hard drive storage, timeslip). I've had all my music on hd for at least two years, and have been recording DAB since 2001. Only me & the kids use it.

8. Sub woofer - personally don't like 'em, but in the spirit of total integration.....


johnthedoctor 30th March 2006 01:35 AM

Hey you wanted it, you got it and it sounds good.

How can it be a bust?

classd4sure 30th March 2006 08:02 AM

How are you powering the modules?

ptwining 30th March 2006 05:33 PM

Thanks for the replies...
To classd4sure -
I am powering the UcD's with a Hypex ST supply and a 300VA Avel-Lindberg toroid with 2 47v secondaries. There are no electrical connections between the digital and analog sides.

To KeithC -
Me too. I have been streaming my music around various houses for years - even did a stint as a multi-zone system installer. The one box idea just grabs me for all the reasons you mention. I didn't power the amps off the computer smps because it simply doesn't have the balls. I'm no engineer but I think good clean power, and lots of it, makes better sound.

To snkby -
I'd love to send you one for review and as soon as the next three get built I'll email you and we'll work it out. A while back on this site someone posted a link to an enclosure company called ATI products. I am hoping to order four new cases (ATI 661U) to rebox the prototypes. You're right about marketing, I have a marketing guy working with me now but that's just it - he's a marketing guy. I asked the forum because I rely on you guys for the technical opinion.

To johnthedoctor -
You are right! LOL...

Best Regards,

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