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dcfis 23rd March 2006 06:47 AM

Its time one of you guys make some money!
Guys I know a bunch of people want these new t path amps. I want to do one but I only have ~2 hours a day to listen as it is (working 12 hour nights and 4-5 hours each day! Unfortunately not changing for quite some time). I see RWA (SA based) and Octa amps (41 HZ based) I might go with this if noone like this will make the DIYParadise stuff. What do you think? I personally would get a charlize/monica duo. Oh well might just be wishful thinking for the immediate future.

classd4sure 23rd March 2006 09:02 AM

I'm sorry, and maybe it's the time of day, but what exactly is the question? Did you want someone to build you an amp but you're not sure which to go with?

Taperwood 23rd March 2006 03:56 PM

Maybe he wants to be the middleman:D You build it, and he will sell it to his friends, at a small markup, of course.

More seriously, he has a point. The traditional amp makers must be extremely worried right now. I'm totally sold on "Class D" If I was retired (or rich), I would probably spend all day in my shop designing and building high-efficiency speakers, and now I would add building small D amps to go with those speakers.


Pano 23rd March 2006 07:52 PM

Can we say "Red Wine Audio"?

I do make a bit of money selling the Octopus amps and modified Super-Ts. But they aren't cheap. Cheaper than a lot of the crazy tube amps out there, tho. The class-d stuff is a true bargin in the Audiophile world.

The real T-amp bargin is the Super-T. It cost less than the parts in my Octopus Amps and sounds very nice. I'd say it gets you 80% there, for a really good price. But like everything else in Audio (and bikes, surf boards, computers) that last 20% is where it's going to cost you..:yummy:

Taperwood 23rd March 2006 09:28 PM

Agreed on the Super-T. Mine should arrive Monday. I may actually never build amps, but there are a lot of great things happening under $500 right now, and it can only get better.


BWRX 23rd March 2006 09:37 PM


Originally posted by panomaniac
The real T-amp bargin is the Super-T. It cost less than the parts in my Octopus Amps and sounds very nice.
They are mass produced, so one would only expect it to cost less! I'm sure they're making a bit more profit from the Super-T than they did from the original SI even though there are more parts and a metal box.

Like we always say at work, quality work takes quality time ;)

dcfis 24th March 2006 11:06 PM

Hi guys, no I dont want a to be a middleman I would just like redwine, panoramic or other to offer a expanded line of what they are selling. The super T might be nice but a Charlize (maybe even dual Charlize and a Monica Dac in the same chassis with the usual audiophile tweeks would be killer. Not much has been said and done with internal dac/tpaths yet. I know Vinney will do it and that might be what I end up with but so far none use the charlize board. I think we will see more especially because I think alot of people are willing to pay for a "reference" TPath considering the price will still be a fine value.

pinkmouse 24th March 2006 11:15 PM

But would it? If you charge properly, your time for each kit should be charged at the going rate, over here that would be about 30 an hour, say 3 hours per amp, that adds 90 to the price instantly. Plus all the other costs, delivery, support, warranty returns, etc, and the problem that if an amp is sold on the open market it needs to be fully certified for EMC and safety, and it no longer would be quite such a bargain.

BWRX 24th March 2006 11:51 PM

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A "reference" Tripath eh... You mean something like this? ;)

I just finished tweaking the layout tonight and will order the boards sometime next week. It uses most of the same parts as the amp3 kits Jan offers as well as different ones and some extra parts that will raise it to the "reference" level (I think so anyway :cool: ).

dcfis 25th March 2006 02:32 AM

Awesome work Brian! Now will you build it into a case and sell me one? Get crazy with it and integrate a tube pre into it. :D

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