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savvas 3rd March 2005 10:18 PM

Tripath TA0104A and TA0105A
I know there's been a lot of talk about those chips but I want to know their main differences

How come TA104 is inferior to TA105 ?

And how come Tripath stopped producing TA0104s and new amplifiers like Carver ZR series have them on their main boards ?

DonoMan 4th March 2005 01:12 AM

because 5 is higher than 4, doh! :D

janaf 4th March 2005 12:53 PM

My guess is that the TA0104 was replaced because it was expensive compared to the the TK2350 which is is in a similar power range at a lower cost. The TA0105A is rated 200V (100V for the TA104A) and has another market for high voltage, high impedance systems.

savvas 4th March 2005 07:46 PM

Yep, so I've heard about 105, it's for high impedance systems.

These is some coliding information on the web about the chips Carvers and Evos are based on. The manual (Carver) states 103 and 104 as the chip but I've read that TK2350 is the chip that they are using

Anybody has the right info ?

Well it seems that TK2350 is that the only way to go for audiophile purposed i.e.

Janaf your modules require extensive SMD work :bawling: (at least for me !) so it's out of the question. Do you have any plans selling a complete kit with all parts soldered (or at least these tiny parts)?

Cobra2 4th March 2005 09:45 PM


Originally posted by DonoMan
because 5 is higher than 4, doh! :D

Actually, I think the 0103 was best, and, as usual, development is only focussed on making things cheaper (more profit).

Arne K

speaker 5th March 2005 03:57 PM

Re: Tripath TA0104A and TA0105A
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I may just have to science this thing out soon & report back.


blmn 5th March 2005 09:28 PM

I bought 04 some time ago, just after that it was discontinuated and Im still loking for the mainboard to buy.

Someone know where can I find it?


savvas 6th March 2005 06:45 AM

Blmn you have to do on your own or find someone to do that for you.

If you want to sell them I'm interested. I know someone that *might* help me. The evaluation boards had some flaws that could be corrected if you design the mainboard from zero. Not only that but you can attatch the parts you want - I hate desoldering :xeye:

speaker 6th March 2005 01:17 PM


Originally posted by savvas
The evaluation boards had some flaws that could be corrected if you design the mainboard from zero.

savvas - do you have more details on the flaws found on the evaluation board? As I have one, I'd be curious. I do see some resistor/diode "teepees" and a regulator added after the fact on the board already. I can't find anything online other than the base data sheet detailing the TA0104 chip. Tripath has either pulled down the evaluation board docs or never posted them at all. Anything additional you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.


savvas 6th March 2005 07:19 PM

Speaker if your evaluation board comes from a later production circle it would have many problems solved.

You can download the evaluation board info for Elatec's site. Here is the file

I see that in your boards you have the inductors placed horizontally so I guess that it's a later board. Good. One of the main problems of these boards is that Tripath choose to make them small and as cheap as possible. All parts are crushed together and there is a lot of interfierence between them, especially the inductors. If you can put them as far away as can from the other parts.

I've seen a lot of boards with the plastic cover taken off. Well the chips operation temprature is not that high and there is a chance of breaking them in the process so I wouldn't tried removing the plastic if there is any.

The channels should be wider and capacitors should be rated at higher voltage (above 100V for sure). Add a softstart circuit for safety. The PSU is very important too. Choose a toroid (sorry but good switching PSU cost and I doubt that they're as good as a good as linear ones) at least 1000VA with very fast diodes.

Good luck.

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