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MEXXX 13th December 2004 12:32 AM

finished 4 channel T-amp project

First off, let me say I have no professional background of any kind and the only piece of paper I have to show my educational accomplishments says G.E.D. on it. In other words, I'm an extreme amateur that thinks he did a damn fine job on this one considering his edumacational shortcomings.

So anyways, the case is made of poplar, stained with black ash stain, and finished with 12 coats of Formbys semi-gloss tung oil wipe on varnish. This is actually the first time I've ever made anything out of "real" wood; i.e. not mdf. I made many mistakes I know I wouldn't make the second time around, but it turned out pretty good considering my lack of experience.

The front and back panels are bead blasted aluminum with a couple coats of semi-flat clear coat on them. I'd like to have had them anodized but I'm cheap and impatient. Their attached to the wood case by magnets that stick to angle brackets as you can see in the picture. I did this to have a clean look and easy quick access to the internal components.

I mounted a 10 amp 13.8v regulated supply inside the case to power the amps. I know its way overkill, but I already had it. I mounted some binding posts on the back of the case so I can still use it to run and test other things.

I decided not to bother with the hassle of pots and replaced them with 4.7k resistors to bring the input impedance to 14.7k. I will ultimately end up getting its signal off of a PC that will control the volume.

I added some small heatsinks to the tripath chip because I noticed it did get pretty warm under use......... and it just looks cool :cool: .

Well, I don't know what else to say other than I'm a minimalist thats extremely happy with my accomplishment.

Oh, it sounds good too ;) .



Evan Shultz 13th December 2004 01:38 AM


sounds very cool. Unfortunately, I cannot view your pictures :(

MEXXX 13th December 2004 03:13 AM

Sorry, should have known better than to use my geocities account to host.

Heres a yahoos pictures link .

And here's a link to the parent directory of another geocities account witht he pics labeled amp1-amp4.

lolojr1 13th December 2004 03:47 AM

well id like to see the pics also, but it sounds a bit in depth for a g.e.d. guy i'd bet that you have more of a talent for this stuff than you think.
what is your next project going to be ?

Evan Shultz 13th December 2004 01:51 PM

very cool, my woodworking skills are poor so I especially respond to that. It does look like you got it looking good:up:

Are the Class T boards your design, an eval kit, or a prebuilt affair?

Great job! Blue LEDs make the world go 'round:cool:

MEXXX 13th December 2004 03:14 PM


Originally posted by Evan Shultz

Are the Class T boards your design, an eval kit, or a prebuilt affair?
They are prebuilt. Unfortunately I have little to no electronics experience. They came out of the Sonic Impact 5066 T-amp, A.K.A the little amp that could.

norbertom 21st August 2006 01:30 AM

2 Attachment(s)
hi. i'm new of this world. i don't have more practice whit mod, and i've some question.
I'm making the first mod that i saw on the michael mardis's site, and now i wanna "link" 2 t-amp to have more power whit only 2 speaker.
it's right my project (see attachment)? I wanna use just 1 pot, what tipe i've to take?

i have to change other componets for make my project?

Pano 21st August 2006 10:36 AM

Hey MEXX Looks good! Very clean layout, nice box. Looks like a guitar amp. =) Are you doing a LCRS, or just biamping stereo?

Norbertom: You can't do it like that. Don't hook the 2 channels together, the T-Amp is not set up that way.
All you "might" gain is a little extra current, but not much. You won't get enough extra power to be worth it. And you would be getting into a world of trouble connecting the 2 channels together like that.

If you wanted to do something like this, but run the tweeter and woofer sections seperately, that would be OK. It looks like that is what MEXX is planning.

norbertom 21st August 2006 12:10 PM

bi-wiring, right? i need to mount a croosover on the t-amp or i need only to add 2 more cable at my speaker?

ok. for the volume pot i need a 100k? the 50k is the same?

norbertom 22nd August 2006 01:57 PM

sorry. i forgot that the bi-wiring is for the speaker, not for t-amp.:whazzat:

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