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mr_phil 30th March 2014 06:26 AM

Connex electronics CxD500 - sleep / mute function
I have assembled plate amps using the above modules with the matching SMPS600RxE but I am confused as to how to use the 'sleep' connection. The instructions talk of +5v for sleep (whatever the difference is between sleep and mute) and -5v for (presumably) awake, but where do I get the -5v from? Bit reluctant to just put power on in case............... Have tried to get help from Connex but not very responsive. Cheers, Phil

Cristi 30th March 2014 10:26 AM

I already explained by mail yesterday, and is written in manual. Does anyoone on the forum can offer more details?

mr_phil 30th March 2014 05:00 PM

Please anyone? The manual just talks about +/-5v, not where you get it from and what is the difference between sleep and mute?

mr_phil 1st April 2014 10:57 AM

Having not got much in the way of support from Connex (to be fair I don't think English is their first language) I just did a final check and turned it on. +/- 71volts = good, all working, just did a sanity check on my 3 ebay speakers before going back onto dummy load - all good.

The outcome is that both the 'mute' and 'sleep' lines can be left un-connected for normal operation

Cristi 1st April 2014 05:17 PM

Dear Phil, explain me what means good support for you ? available 24/7 and reply to questions not asked yet ?
I counted 13 emails in our email exchange, 6 of them are my replies. last reply sent in 29 march, below is what I wrote:

Hi Phil,
Same as written in the manual, (btw have you read it since our last mail exchange?) Mute pin is input, active low, leave unconnected for normal operation and Sleep is output active high will have +5.5V when the module is muted, for whatever reason and -5.5V during normal operation. this pin is used to indicate the status of the module.

I'm sorry if wasn't clear enough I can't write novels within each mail. There are other 50-60-70 each day asking all kind of questions. If one of them doesn't get an answer, snap !!! that coonex $#!& ignored me. In almost each mail there is one more question, one last question. why don't you put them all in one mail ? why don't you RtFM first of all? these modules are not intended to be used by anyone who don't have at least basic knowledge how an amplifier, power supply or anything combined works. Otherwise there are many other risks involved including electrocution.
Luckily you have this forum where you got plenty of qualified answers, and keep counting. Wait, not so many but someone will chime in soon and will tell us that IRS2092 amps are sensitive at decoupling caps and layout, easy to blow and will not work without buffers on output transistors. was that useful ? What was your question first ?
Make sure you won't blow the boards following those advices.

And yes, English is not my native language, what a shame. But I'm satisfied because I can master 4 (four) foreign languages at least at the same level as my English. One of them is Chinese ! My native language isn't included. Plus 4-5 others which I know a little but enough words to manage to get to a destination or explain what I want. How many do you master ? I'm sure a lot more.
I think i should do what most of other companies are doing. hire someone to answer mails, or set-up an automatic answer generator script which will answer based on the content of question. that's it, nothing more. Any more question ? ask wherever you want. I wonder how many of you ever complain when buy whatever else on ebay from other Chinese companies which don't even have a description, and nobody is to be found to answer simple technical questions. See TPA3116 thread.

CharlieLaub 1st April 2014 05:48 PM

I also was confused about Sleep and Mute on the CxD500. There is no mention of input/output functions of the mute and sleep pin, so that is new and useful info.

Here are the exact words from the manual:

The Signal input connector pinout (from bottom to top) is as follows:
  • Pin 1: Non-Inverting Input
  • Pin 2: GND Signal
  • Pin 3: Inverting Input
  • Pin 4: GND Signal
  • Pin 5: Sleep (sleep mode=5V Run mode=-5V)
  • Pin 6: Mute (pull-down = Mute, left open or >5V Run)
  • Pin 7: Temperature feedback (Heatslug temperature monitor 3-10V DC)

Presented with only the above information, I assumed that one needed to SUPPLY +/-5V to the sleep pin to set the sleep state of the amp. Addition of one or two words would have made all the difference, for instance:
"Pin 5: Sleep indicator (sleep mode=+5V, operate=-5V)"
"Pin 5: Sleep state output (+5V when in sleep mode, -5V under normal operation)"

Another point is that the word "sleep" is only found on this one line in the manual. There is no information that I can find (in the manual or on the product web page) about what the sleep mode is, when the amp enters sleep mode, if the user must control it, etc. It might be helpful to add a sentence or two about the sleep mode. This might help clear up any future confusion from your customers.

Otherwise this amp seems to be a very, very nice product and this is a small oversight that can easily be corrected.

mr_phil 1st April 2014 06:22 PM

I am sorry but I never received the email that you have copied to me now and I checked the forum a few minutes ago. Knowing that 'sleep' is an output makes a big difference to my understanding of the module. Yes, I read the web page again before assembly and I am an experienced builder of electronic projects with a degree in electronic engineering. Apologies if I have offended you but after spending lots of I get anxious about turning it on.

Anyway,it is working fine now but I will not make any judgement on sound quality until it has a few more hours on it and my adrenalin level has gone down.

Again, I meant no offence but the key is knowing 'sleep' is an output. Thanks ChalieLaub for your input.

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