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wayward91 5th January 2013 12:07 AM

Its not diy but what do people think about these TDA7498E amps on ebay.
Its not diy but what do people think about these TDA7498E amps on ebay.

Hello all , i have been looking at one of these for a while but canít decide if I should buy it or not. It would replace a Kramer 900xl (class d) amp that I currently use to power my desktop jbl control 1 proís , it does well but i sometimes find it running out of power, (I have no idea what chipset it uses) ...having said that it does surprise me how loud it goes and how clean it sounds , i suppose its sparked my curiosity to class D . i was using a nad 3240pe before the kramer 900xl and it sounds better than that.

Anyway, the amp i was thinking of replacing it with is one of these;

High power TDA7498E Class D HiFi Stereo Amplifier 160W◊2 Silver+36V Power Supply | eBay

I can see there are a few versions but this seems to have the highest voltage psu so should allow for more power. And by the looks of it there is a speaker protection relay that may come in handy one day.
Was just wondering if anybody had any opinions on this amp or if i should go for a different one

Cheers all ed

Richard Ellis 5th January 2013 01:57 AM

I would tend to think you won't be gaining anything by switching amps.
It mostly has to do with specifications listed on BOTH amps...the Kramer is attempting to deal with accurate & standardized specifications....the one listed on Ebay.UK is not.
Your JBL monitors deserve something better than these dirt cheap Chip-amps.
The power and distortion specs are purposely distorted, padded & out-right deceptions.
Seek out the long winded discussions on power & distortion specifications in these forums.
Match up the 'actual' power levels to your JBLs' specs.
With the advent of 'D' Class amps the cheating on specs has again reared its' ugly head.

__________________________________________________ __Rick............

Richard Ellis 5th January 2013 02:24 AM

How about that Cambridge Audio integrated amp with 45 WPC for 180 Pounds????@ ebay?????
With the JBL rated for 150 WPC @ 87 DB worth of sensitivity, your Kramer is really may well have to "bite the bullet" & get a "real" amp....using real $$$$.

(Were you the one who smoked the NAD on another forum??)
__________________________________________________ ___Rick......

wayward91 5th January 2013 09:00 AM

cheers, and no that wasnt me it still works fine :) .... i found i got the kramer and it sounded better than the nad , and was pleasantly surprised how loud its 40watts music power was. the nad amp was a bit big for my desk and it went under the monitor witch was a little less than ideal .

i had a look at the chip set specifications and id be getting around 110w@1%thd, anything over 50 watts and the thd shoots up , so maybe not so great .

i dunno , i was very suppressed how good the kramer sounded and was kinda hoping all class d's sounded this way.
i guess the topping tp60 is only £30 more and seems to be a little better established ?
edit ... its actually double the price as p&p is £40 ish.

sreten 5th January 2013 12:52 PM


You tend to get what you pay for, and for £70 it seems good.

TBH I'd take a long hard look at your speakers, the Control 1's
I auditioned with a friend didn't qualify as hifi IMO. They go
loud alright and take lots of power, by simply having no
bass at all and a much too bright insistent top end.

Balanced as far as I could tell to sound OK stuck in the
top corners of rooms in pubs and the like, overall I
found them to be very grim sounding devices.

rgds, sreten.

madtecchy 5th January 2013 02:08 PM

Them control 1's are great at producing wind from the ports... I class them as general purpose micro monitors..

KatieandDad 5th January 2013 02:13 PM

Nad equipment is "funny stuff". It's very good but is very choosy about what it is used with.

A complete NAD system may sound good but any part of it swapped out with something non-NAD may bring very varied results.

wayward91 5th January 2013 02:24 PM

haa, well each to their own ;) , they are not the worlds best speakers no , i have thought about swapping them but for what ? it has to be something in the super small category to fit on my desk. there are the small quad speakers or the q acoustics but i have had a good listen to a set of 1010's and i can’t say they were worlds apart (worth the £100 ish upgrade cost) . Suppose at a push I could go for something with a little larger footprint but then I need an amp and speakers. I might keep my eyes open for a 2nd hand set of mission cyrus 760/780's iv wanted a set for a while lol.
and no small speaker gives you bass. small and bass don't relay go together ;)
i suppose I have the control 1's as they are very versatile , last year in my uni digs they were my main speakers used with a sub, they do go loud and sound their best at quite high volumes. over the 6 years or so i have had them they have taken a lot of stick , one of them even fell about 10foot onto a concrete floor and was fine, just a little bashed.

wayward91 5th January 2013 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by madtecchy (
Them control 1's are great at producing wind from the ports... I class them as general purpose micro monitors..

haa , yes they are, they almost double as hair dryers. the bass port is something i think jbl should change , it farts , it should have tapered ends to it to make it less windy.

KatieandDad 5th January 2013 02:41 PM

Have a look at the baby B&W's. I've got the B&W 683's which are superb - far too big for a desk but their smaller brethren, the 686 is quite an achiever too. If you want to save a few pennies, look at its predecessor the 601 - lots of them on E-Bay.

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