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Sylver300B 8th December 2012 10:00 PM

Indeed TA2021 Class D amp anyone?
Hi folks.
Though I'm more into SE Tube amps, I have had lots of fun with the Gainclone, and since there seem fun to have with Class D as well, I thought that 50 bucks for this tiny amp (on Ebay) wasn't much.

It arrived today. Usually I use my 300B amp with Tannoy, but since I'm reworking it and as well building another tube amp, lately I just plugged an olf flea market Kenwood antique on a pair of .. flea market Klipsch KG4. Very pleasant. But back to the flea sized Indeed TA2021. Something is just .. "not right" All of a sudden, I'm in front of a 2 way set of speakers. Bass is articulated, but the treble seem uneven. Some shouting around 10khz I'd guess.

Is this amp supposed to mellow a bit with time?


Fynn 8th December 2012 10:11 PM

If you are used to a tube amp, the almost linear(flat) frequency response might sound unusual to you.

Sylver300B 8th December 2012 10:24 PM

cheap shot

Originally Posted by Fynn (
If you are used to a tube amp, the almost linear(flat) frequency response might sound unusual to you.

I'm a piano tuner for decades, and have owned many "Stereophiled" reference systems before surrendering to tubes.. I love my Gainclone for what it is, a great musical little amp and I'm open minded (more than you it seems) enough to buy, try stuff that is different of what I'm used to (how about you?).

Yes, old Scott and Fishers with their too complex preamps are euphonic, but tubes have gone a long way since, and I haven't heard yet anything that comes close to the transparency, speed and openness of a Direct Coupled, Single-Ended amp. But even then, I'm not stupid enough to say that other types of amps are crap.

Fynn 8th December 2012 11:19 PM

I wasn't implying anything. Every person has their own favorite sounding system.
Was just merely stating that if you are used to a tube amp, the different frequency response of an solid state amp might sound unusual at first, until you listened to it for a longer period of time.

Sylver300B 9th December 2012 12:10 AM

my apologies

I misinterpreted your comment. My apologies.

I am sitting in front of my system right now, and I guess it is mellowing a bit. I'd say that the bass is just right. Tight and fast, deep when needed. Mids ok, not 3D though. And it's when it comes to treble that it's sometimes sounds.. harsh. Sibilants are over metalic a bit, as well the brushes on a drum sound like if it was a stainless steel drum..

All in all, I'd say it's a little impressive amp just the same when size and cost are taken into consideration. I'd just say that up to now it sounds "tight" very tight. Just the oposite of relax.

I'll use it alot this coming week, hoping it mellows a bit.

Gainclone is more airy while in control. More fun.

Thanks for your reply.

prezden 9th December 2012 02:00 AM

I have built a few T amps and they all seem to take a while to break in.

Sylver300B 9th December 2012 12:30 PM

Breakin in period

Originally Posted by prezden (
I have built a few T amps and they all seem to take a while to break in.

Makes sense. I'll use mine alot and see if it improves. Can it be that the components used (caps etc) would be too "cheapo"? I find that it sounds quite.. electronic.

radiosmuck 9th December 2012 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by Sylver300B (
Usually I use my 300B amp with Tannoy,:hohoho:

Hi, have you tried hooking up your Tannoys to your new amp?

Sylver300B 10th December 2012 01:56 AM


Originally Posted by radiosmuck (
Hi, have you tried hooking up your Tannoys to your new amp?

Good idea..

No I haven't. Since tube amp needed overhaul and Tannoy deserved better cabinets, I took it all in my small workshop. This Indeed amp is so tiny, it should be easy to install it on the Tannoys, rather than getting the Tannoys back into the house. After trying, I'll plug the tuner on it, day and night for the complete week. ;) and see what happens.

What is your experience, guys, with these class D amps?

AC439 10th December 2012 05:53 AM

I do not have TA2021 but I have a TA2024 (original sonic impact) and a TK2050 from Sure electronics. Both times showed these amps needed some break-in time to sound smooth. I have my TK2050 connected to my Tannoys and the high was surely harsh and too much at the beginning. It started to become less harsh after about 10 hours of operation. I have also replaced the input caps to the MKT type and added a Zobel network at the output. Have also replaced the tank caps to NOS ROE Gold caps. The sound is more musical now.

I have two other class A amps to compare and I have to say the class D amps sound different and have a different taste.

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