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boofarino 6th December 2012 06:42 AM

My camping rig 12-24v sla battery (TAS5613 or TA2020?)
Hi all,

Great website, found so much information the last few days, in a bit of stimulus overload.

Heres my situation - I am going camping in a month for 6 nights. I have an ipod dock that will last maybe 5-6 hours which is clearly not enough. So that has brought me here. I have sitting here some fantastic floor standing Yamaha speakers. Each cabinet has 2 x 6.5" woofers and a tweeter. They are 50w rms 6ohm, and sound brilliant. I want to bring these. I understand that these are not the most suitable or efficient for outdoor use but I dont have money to be purchasing anything else.

So I need an amp. I have been reading up a lot and going back and forth between these:

Lepai LP-2020A+ Tripath Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Amp w/Power Supp 310-300

41Hz Audio:AMP6-BASIC kit

2 X 150Watt Class-D Audio Amplifier Board - TAS5613_Audio Amplifier Boards_Audio Amplifier and other Audio Boards_Audio_Sure Electronics' Webstore

The first two are based on the TA2020 - 2x20w, and the third TAS5613 - 2x150w

There is quite a big difference between these which will bring up lots of pros and cons. This is what i need some help with, I have these questions that I keep getting stuck on and can't seem to come up with an answer based on reading from this forum and some others.

As my speakers are 6ohm they usually only get about 65% of the watts of 4ohm so the Ta2020 which is 12-15w at 4ohm is only about 8-10w per channel on a 12v source. The TAS5613 gets 85w at 6ohm 36v per channel, and approx. 55w at 24v ***24v min voltage required. Realistically 24v is all i would ever use. So it seems to me that the TAS5613 would sound better but obviously require more power. I was planning on getting 2 x 12v7ah batteries. I could power the TA2020 for ages with those, but i am not sure how long they would last in serial(i think to get 24v7ah) for the TAS5613. I want them to last 4-5 hours a day (20-25hrs). Most of the time I would not be listening to it that loud at all actually, but I would really like to crank it for a few hours at least. So if you have read all this and stuck with me this long, thanks. I know shorter is sweeter. But i would really like ur advice and help with this.

1. Firstly, is there a big sound quality difference between the lepai and 41hz implementation of ta2020?

2. How do you think TA2020 would sound on my rig? Would it get loud enough on my speakers?

3. How long would 24v7ah battery last at moderate listening levels on TAS5613?

4. If both amps were to be playing at the same volume, would TAS5613 use more power?

5. Are there alternative TA2020 amps worth looking at?

6. Would the TAS5613 sound much better and be more suitable?

7. What would you guys suggest?

freax 6th December 2012 02:42 PM

#1, Dunno, ask the boominator thread.
#2, dunno don't own one :)
#3, not long at all, 30 minutes tops and thats if they are fully charged (Source: I run my Kenwood TS-430S from a 12v 9AH SLA battery)
#4, Tough one to answer, only way to find that out is by testing it I think.
#5, skip.
#6, on a battery system, definatley not.
#7, see below.

battery life is extremely restricted when you are out camping, the 50 watt consumption you are mentioning with a battery life of 5 hours is simply not possible with even 2x 12v 7AH batteries wired in series or parallel, forget about that idea.

Don't think about 50 watts or 20 watts.... thats way too high.

The ONLY way to get long battery life (10 hours or more) is by putting out 1 watt per channel (2 watts total), TOPS. If you want to halve that to 5 hours then you can put out 10 watts. (5 watt per channel). this isn't even taking into consideration inefficiencies.

These are very rough off the top of my head guesstimations based upon a single 9AH 12v SLA battery, and this is without killing or damaging the battery. Remember Batteries have a minimum depth of discharge before permanent damage is done!

Have you weighed two 12v 7AH batteries? they are heavy, all of that lead in them...

Make best use of that 1 watt by using efficient speakers instead of dumping it into inefficient ones.

Might I suggest a TDA1517 and 8" full range speakers.

You mention cranking it for a few hours, that will work if you get an efficient driver in a good box at 1 watt and doubly so at 4 watts with the TDA1517, you might not even need to recharge for 2 days at that consumption level on 2x 7AH batteries.

Just think of using 1x 12v 7AH or 9AH SLA battery though, I would, it cuts down on weight, 7AH 12v batteries are heavy enough as it is.

You haven't mentioned your recharging method? solar panel? do you know how long it takes to charge a 7AH battery with a 5 watt solar panel? ages... If you're going for solar then I'd get a 15 or 20 watt panel WITH a charging regulator, don't overcharge SLA they explode!

If you want to use your car's cigarette lighter there is always the L200C battery charger circuit which will charge your SLA at a constant 1 amp rate.

Just make sure you put in fuses on both the output and the input of that charger and to set the voltage to the battery's float charge voltage.

redkid 6th December 2012 03:11 PM

I take my music camping with me as well!

I buy these when they are on sale for about $30 PeakŪ 300 Amp Jump Starter (PKC0A0) - Battery Chargers - Ace Hardware
They have a 12v cig out for easy connecting and come with a charger and adapter for charging from automotive (when not in use)
I have taken many different T-amps camping,,such as,,,2*15 Watt Class-D Digital Audio Amplifier - TA2024 _Class D Amplifier_Audio Amplifier and other Audio Boards_Audio_Sure Electronics' Webstore Lepai TRIPATH TA2020 Class T Mini Amp Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Amplifier: Electronics Dayton Audio DTA-1 Class T Digital AC/DC Amplifier 15 WPC: Electronics
The last one can run on AA batteries in a pinch
They all make quite enough volume when paired to some efficient speakers!
I Take my Yamaha's as well,,they are large 12" woofer 3-ways. (I do not have the model #for I am at work). I picked them up on Craigslist for $40/pair,so i am not to concerned if they get abused, Just throw a garbage bag on them if it rains

Hoped this helped,,Wish I was going camping,,
(and what are you Boofing?),,, LOL

tabarddn 6th October 2013 03:17 AM

Camp with a TPA 3118
Hi I am running my system a Turntable, Phono Amp, B1 Pre and a TPA3118 50+50 watt amp all from batteries. The B1 and Amp share a 24 volt 7amp (2x12 volt batteries bridged in series) at 2 O-clock vol position it is very loud. Normal listening 1-O clock.
Super quite, no loss of Base slam or dynamics.

The TPA3118 has been replaced by the TPA3116 50+50 at 24 volts. (will work great on 12 volts, just less power) current E/B price for a 3116 is around US$16-00 for the built board. Beats the pants of of the old range of 'T' amps:D

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