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KGelectro 1st December 2012 08:01 PM

Ipad Speaker Box
2x15W @ 4 Ohm TA2024 Class-D Audio Amplifier Board

I am going to be making an active speaker box with this amp board to hook up my ipad or ipod and had a few questions.

My first idea is to make a two way speaker with one mid, and one tweeter.
- With this setup, is a crossover or any capacitors necessary with this amp board?
- With a mid and a tweeter, would I wire them to the same channel on the amp board? or separate them?
- I would like to use a 3in-4in mid and a smaller tweeter.

My second idea is to use two smaller full range speakers, maybe two 3in speakers.
- Are any crossover components or capacitors necessary with this amp board?

My third Idea is to use one larger full range speaker maybe a 4in or 5in speaker.
- Again I am wondering if any crossover components or capacitors are necessary with this amp board?

With these three setups, which one do you think would be the best, for a compact portable speaker box? Id like to keep the size within a standard bookshelf size, maybe 6x12x7?.

Any recommendations on speakers?

How do I calculate the size box I need depending on which speaker setup I choose?

DUG 2nd December 2012 12:50 AM


bigger box...lower bass cutoff
bigger speakers...lower bass cutoff
ported...more efficient (IMHO)
sealed..."tighter bass" (IMHO)

Whether using full range or two way start with your box have that.

Then using WINisd or similar modeling program, search speaker suppliers like Madisound or others (can't tell where you are from) and pick a few that are within your budget.

Enter the parameters into the modeling program and see what the results are.

When you have found something that is it and build it and then enjoy it.

(And post some picture to show your work.)

Have fun.

KGelectro 4th December 2012 12:51 AM

Doug - Thanks for the reply

I think I am going to end up going with two full range speakers. I will check out madisound for those speakers. I am from Long Beach CA so not sure if they deliver here or not.

Do you know anything about capacitors / Resistors? I am wondering if I need to hook any to mediate from the amp board to the speakers.

Also ive been researching on/off toggle switches and they all have a different rating, for example: 20a @ 125 VAC. How can I choose the correct one for the amp board and speakers?

Saturnus 4th December 2012 09:04 AM

Unless you plan for them to be egocentric near-field speakers, I'd very much advice against full-range speakers. Their dispersion isn't good enough.

mikejennens 4th December 2012 12:40 PM

1) How big do you want this to be?
2) How will you typically use it?
3) What's your budget?
You don't want to hook up one speaker to both channels unless it's made specifically for that purpose. There are some designs already out there that might do what you want. The Parts Express Tech Talk forum and project gallery have a lot of info and can offer a lot of help.
For near field listening, I'm a fan of full range speakers. There are plenty of 3" full range drivers you can use without needing any crossover/filters.
If you answer the questions above, you'll get a lot more help.

danzz 6th December 2012 09:58 AM

Hi Kgelectro
If you can answer mikje questions it would be easier to give you an exact idea of you can decide...
meanwhile there is some options for you...

for you first idea of a two way system... you could use some design like the well known overnight sensantions from Paul Carmody ( join both speakers by the base and you will have a great ipad dock, or search for a similar design...

It seems that you are more inclined to go for a full range system, then you can use the zaphaudio B3S little drivers design for this ( Zaph|Audio ). the same idea, both speakers joined by the base. and alternative to this you is the old zaph audio design that you can find here using the also well known full range driver from Tang band the W3-871, but the designer claims the B3S from HIVI a better option.

An extra hint, that wont cost you much is to add some bluetooth module like the one from sure-hifi (</title><meta name="description" content="Bluetooth Audio Receiver Starter Wireless Music Stereo Adapter in Computer, Tablets Netzwerk , iPad, Tablet eBook Zubehör , Sonstige |eBay"><meta name="keywords" content="Bluetooth Audio Receiver Starter Wir ), easy to attach and it seems to be a quite a good module.

I hope I helped you...

danzz 6th December 2012 10:08 AM

Here you have ideas...

Hitec 8th December 2012 02:54 PM

I would suggest going wireless. I mounted this on my system. A bluetooth audio receiver. I supply it with a 5V linear regulator from the main 12V.

The Belkin module I mentioned may not be the perfect solution but something like that makes the system more flexible. Wlan would be even better but I don't know any good solutions for that. A modified Airport express maybe? Don't know how much power it will draw but I think the range is better with wlan. In my experience the Belkin module cuts music at less than 10m and even earlier if you don't have a sight connection (people in between or so).

Edit: I did not notice that danzz already suggested BT :)

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