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Draetheus 10th July 2012 11:03 PM

Best unmodded amp boards for price/performance
Hi guys. I would like to say goodbye to two old (and huge) sony receivers and replace them with small efficient class d amps. I'm fine with wiring jacks but I've never soldered anything before so I would prefer prebuilt amp boards that sound good without mods. No set watt per channel requirements but I would like to drive low sensitivity speakers to fill a basement with sound if need be. I've done some research here on the different amp kits (hifimediy TK2050, LJM IRS2092, connexelectronic TA2022/3020) but I'd like some real world opinions and recommendations since I can't try before I buy. Ideally I'd like to keep each amp + power supply under $100 but I'm flexible. I see lots of good priced boards on ebay from china but I'm guessing thats a gamble without mods?

heyduard 12th July 2012 05:35 AM

Don't where you're located, so the thru-the-hole kits at might good if you're a fair hand with the solder iron. As they say, they're a nice piece of kit. :)

For turnkey, Parts Express has the tk2050 in their DTA-100a, but some folks are down on them for the issues with the DTA-100 (previous iteration). They do carry Sure class D boards ready to go if you have an enclosure and power supply sourced as well.

noSmoking 12th July 2012 05:36 AM

I have bought a bunch of chip amps,lm3886 and several others ,mostly simple to get going if you can wire everything together,you have to get a transformer and connect it to a power supply or buy a board that has the bridge on it, surelectronics has some D class amps I have 2 of the 4 channel working in a 3 way active crossover setup works good ,it and the power supply are under a 100 on ebay ,and the sound it's good ,other setups are going to cost more so performance = cost, one of the 2 x600 would be plenty,get a volume control with the kit.
Find some that match or will power your speakers and your there!
good luck!

Jack Caldwell 12th July 2012 04:50 PM

Try the HiFiMeDIY boards
At a slightly higher cost than the Sure boards, HiFiMeDIY has some very good sounding boards. Stock they sound much better than a lot of even very good class AB amps, modded they can sound spectacular. I waded through about six different types of Tripath type boards and found these to be the best sounding, particularly when driven by a 24V battery supply, which IME far surpasses the sound from most available SMPS.

noSmoking 12th July 2012 09:04 PM

Hi Jack,
I went to the site and looked at the boards,the first thing I read is the first batch is still not working right? I bought some sure boards that were dying due to heatsink problems,it this what's going on with these boards,Heatsink compound fixed mine,and I would like to try a pair of those but not until some research and what mods do you recommend and for what board,

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