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geopango 4th March 2012 10:56 PM

6 channel Hypex ucd180 amp
Hi There
I'm contemplating the assembly of a six channel Hypex amplifier for active speakers.
In choosing the UCD180 modules I contacted engineering at Hypex regarding a power supply which could easily drive all 6 modules. Jos from Hypex stated that a single SMPS400A180 would be adequate to drive all six modules. And here I was thinking that I would need three power supplies, powering two modules each.Clearly I don't know enough about power supply requirements. I was under the illusion that the power supply must have approximately double the output power of the amplifier to be on the safe side.
I would also like to know if anybody has experienced audible differences between the Hypex Linear and SMPS power supplies.

dtaylo3 5th March 2012 02:29 AM

look at power supply at, tho I think it will only power up to five UCD180's, but it is really nice. I guess you could get two of them, but would need two toroids. maybe power three modules from each power supply. not cheap at $200 each plus two transformers (plus caps). of course this would be a linear supply vs SMPS.

I recently completed a stereo amp with two UCS180 modules and a linear supply. The sound of these hypex amps is fantastic.

geopango 5th March 2012 04:28 AM

I am currently using a six channel amp based on TAS5630 chips . I have to say have so far these cheap modules with built in smps have to my ear produced a larger, meatier and more solid sound than 2020 and 2050 class T amps. There is a slight edginess to the mids, but not a real problem.
The annoying problem and the reason I am considering upgrading to Hypex is the high noise audible in these modules.Loud enough to be noticeable when you walk into the quiet room.
I would hope the Hypex modules are A: Noise free, and B: Superior is sound to the TAS5630's

dtaylo3 7th March 2012 11:40 PM

I have Hypex UCD 180's and in operation and in listening, they are dead, dead silent. I run mine from a dac via balanced connects and their is zero noise coming from the speakers other than music. stunning. mechanically, there is no noise from the amp's case other than the click of the protection start-up module's relay upon turn on. Great amps.

geopango 8th March 2012 03:34 AM

I have heard nothing but praise for the Hypex UCD modules. Aussie Amplifiers and ClassDaudio also offer some tempting competition for this kind of application.
HPA-nxV203PS - 3 Channel Amplifier Module - Home Theatre

jalejos 8th March 2012 11:15 PM


geopango 9th March 2012 04:09 AM

Great looking project. I see no reason why we couldn't squeeze an extra module out of this power supply to create a 6 channel amp for a three way active speaker.A tweeter hardly requires maximum amps to function above 2khz.

Koifarm 11th March 2012 06:50 PM

Geopango, i use 6 x ucd180st for 3 way stereo setup on dynaudio speakers for 11 years.
I tested Smps and conventianal power supplys. Currently the best setup for me is 2 x 500va conventianal setup. The smps is not as quit as the conventional setup. And 1 supply for stereo is not as good as 2 supplys.

geopango 12th March 2012 05:33 AM

Thanks. Yes I have heard many users report on the apparent audible improvement of linear over switching power supplies.However I have also heard extremely good reports of the Hypex switch-mode units. Engineering at Hypex recommend i use just one SMPS400A180 to drive all six modules. I was kind of thinking that I would need three. I will have to explore the economics of doing it your way. On the Hypex website the reccomended Transformer - the TR180 - is recommended to drive no more than two modules. I would therefore need three transformers and three power supplies. $$$$$

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