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Zenolijo 16th March 2011 08:34 PM

Boombox no.2! :D
Hi, i built my first boombox last summer and a little 4" baby this winter, but feeling like i want to start building the real thing, to get the maximum power being as small as possible without costing a fortune :)

My first boombox was very good, but very hard to carry because it was almost as a box.
This time, im thinking of having a longer one and maybe add a strap to carry it on your shoulder or something.

This is what i've planned:

An AMP9, i've never built an amp on my own before, wanted to try and found this being a easy and cheap sollution. Can someone post an guide or something how to solder everything?

And some help how to connect an AUX-cable to it (3.5mm)

I've been looking alot for some small, good speakers today and found these very low-priced 4x6" and 6,5" speakers from PYLE
The only thing i am worried about is the db/w on them, theres no specs on it about that :(
I care a little about if the sound quality is good to and if they really have 90 and 100w RMS.

If you guys know some other cheap speakers between 5,25" and 6,5" that are cheap to ship to sweden, i would be very happy :)

I will start running this boombox with my 12v 7,2Ah battery, but will change to a better one later on, im not sure how much money i want to spend on a battery yet...

Here's an example on how i COULD make it, won't build it until i've heard some critics about what i should change and so on...
Everything has real dimensions exept for the 4x6 speakers that became some 6,5" speakers, but whatever :P
The dimension of the box is 520x200x160mm

Uploaded with

Zenolijo 17th March 2011 08:58 AM

I got another idea how i could make it

I have some RGB 12v leds im not using i could put in there and it would be cool with some coloured light :P

And maybe better resonance?

But its 80cm long now and thats pretty long, but i think i can live with that ^^

Zenolijo 17th March 2011 08:27 PM

Thinking of making it just a little slimmer than 160mm, like 140 or something.

Am almost sure of making the 2nd verision, would be really cool with the window.
Anyone know how to make one? if possible?

And btw, the red label speakers have 89db/w, not great bu ok.
Just wondering if they have good sound quality now :)

And someone please reply, getting boring :P

firechief 17th March 2011 08:30 PM

How about rounding the edges a little, just for looks?

Zenolijo 17th March 2011 08:48 PM


Originally Posted by firechief (
How about rounding the edges a little, just for looks?

A good idea, making it looking a little more like a tube :P
I think i'll actually do that, starting next week on the creation of the box :)

Also thinking about using glasfibre to paint something funny with my friends lol, would look cool to ^^

firechief 17th March 2011 11:40 PM

Cool - How about some stickers from your favorite bands with clear finish over it? Im sure you will get some suggestions about the electronics also., Have you seen the thread called the "boominator" "the ultimate BOOM box" or something like that on this forum. The guy really did it up nice.

firechief 17th March 2011 11:41 PM

Ah yes - here it is

Zenolijo 18th March 2011 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by firechief (

Yea, everywhere you're looking on the forum, theres a link to that thread :P
Was looking on a swedish forum for other boombox projects and found two threads to just that one here on diyaudio lol
It's a perfect box :P

That idea got me just about 2 hours ago! :P
I'm listening to lots of different bands, but i was thinking of adding a Deadmau5 logo on it like this one and paint it green

I hope i will get some suggestions for the speakers and some help with the AMP9.
I'm not sure how to solder everything, if its hard or just takes lots of time.
Need someone to tell me how it was so i can decide :P

Zenolijo 18th March 2011 08:42 AM

Is the AMP9 and this one just as good?
Its alot bigger, depends on how hard its to solder the amp9

Zenolijo 20th March 2011 10:07 PM

This is the result of what im going to build.

I have bought some GAS 6924 speakers for 20€!!
Just as good as my 6936 i bought for 60€
They're almost the same as the GAS 6936 speakers that i already got but older and one more tweeter and not as good quality on its bass as the 6936, but still very good.
I was thinking about replacing my 6936 speakers i already got in my other boombox with these 6924 speakers and buy 2 more 6936 speakers and use them all on my new one, but realised when i had bought the 6924's that the others didn't get off my boombox.

But they are almost the same and got the same size of their magnet, so they'll work just as good.

Im going to try to use the magnet-magnet construction on them.
All of my 4 speakers are 10cm in depth and made the boombox 20cm total.
And i've seen on another forum when they made this, they used something called "plastic padding".
Is this necessary, what does it do, where do i get it?

If someone wants to see the thread, its here
Its a copy of saturnus boominator



The dimensions are:

And i will need these parts
1piece 700x220 (front speakers)
2pieces 270x220 (rear speakers)
1piece 700x200 (bottom)
2pieces 270x180 (top)
1piece 160x180 (over the batteries where the amp will be)
4pieces 210x180 (at the sides and the sides of the batteries)

So, what do you guys think?
Need some more comments!!!

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