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ptwining 5th March 2011 12:36 AM

Pics of a UcD180 build for my son...
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Hello all,

I started this build last year based on a pair of UcD180's, a Hypex SMPS180, and a MiniDSP housed in a nice Chinese chassis. My initial intention was to create a killer dorm system for my son at college (he's going to RIT) that would run a pair of Exodus Keplers which I built for him as well. I planned to give him a USB interface to configure the MiniDSP to allow him to reconfigure the unit on the fly with stereo sub outs and the ability to push the XO around to tune it for parties etc. But I wound up using the MiniDSP just for local volume control because I ran out of time and space on the back-plane (small cases are a hassle). So, he's leaving this weekend with this unit as it is. Life happens. <shrug>

Hopefully I will still win the "cool-dad" prize. :-)

It's still a cool unit and sounds fabulous. So, for your viewing pleasure I present the following images.

P.S. I still want one for me...


<edit> sorry for the blurry last foto...

sampleaccurate 6th March 2011 08:20 PM

Nice build. I love those modules. I would vote to give you cool dad status.

I'm building something similar but adding a 400 watt module for bass. I don't think that's something you'd want to take to school though.:D

ptwining 6th March 2011 09:08 PM

Thanks for your reply...
I also wanted to add another amp or two but foot-print won the day. I want, however, in the next iteration of this build, to put two line-level outs off the 4 channel MiniDSP so he could stack a few of these units together and program the MiniDSP's to do pass-thru. He could pass them thru straight or send filtered signals to other power amps, powered subs or multi-way speakers.

I liked the option of having a master volume on the unit. The side benefit is that since the MiniDSP isn't putting an audio signal thru the pot it can be cheap.

I have some bigger builds in the works but I am still looking forward to some fun messing with these things.

Please post some pics and a description of what you are working on. I'd love to see 'em...


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