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then_dude 7th March 2009 12:59 PM

how good is a tripath ?
hello everybody,

i have a tripath amp for 3 years. it's a t2020. i was looking around for getting a high end system.

my search started out with a single end but i ended up with an OTL amp (and a full range phy-hp).

in those readings i read a lot of post where they say that the tripath amp put there tubes in the shades, only an OTL design could win it from a tripath.

So now my question: how good is a tripath really, now the most people have heard one, (also alot of tweaks are know: the psu and other optimalisations...), and the hype is a bit gone for the tripath.

thank you

i know the t2020 is only 10 watt, but that's all i need, even less. at this moment i'm playing on a fe167e mltl and my next speakes will be more efficient. (probably full range open baffle)

cicotte 13th March 2009 12:42 AM

Hi there yes tripath especially the ta2020 is that good, best sounding class d amp Ive ever herd in short warm, organic, laid back, detailed although tripath is no more it would seem there is no shortage of the chips especially the popular ones ta2020, ta2024, etc mabee cirrus logic is keeping them in production in china or something because there are a lot of ready made amps on the market using these chips as well as diy kits am currently using Charlize 2 no input caps feedback resistors soldered directly to the pins on the ta2020 i read about that mod from somebody on this forum, and on my system and i like the sound better than my pushpull class a preamp naim nap 150 much more expensive, you would never have seen such a price to performance level just a few years ago.

TheDealer 13th March 2009 04:41 AM

Every hype is in the beginning otherwise it wouldnīt be a one.

Tripath became legend with itīs short life - so the king is dead ... long live the king.

If you own high sensitive and impedance speakers - the Tripathīs should be the first choice for every audiophiles who dont own a money crapping donkey.

then_dude 23rd June 2009 02:02 PM

thanks guys,

i still have to do the input cap mod, it makes a big difference i have heard, so i'm gonna do it.

well, i'm happy to hear that it is that good. and since i don't have a money crapping donkey, i'm happy with it.
i have a sensiteve (94db speaker) and impedance: a fullrange fe167e.

but what i would like to know is how it holds itself to a decent diy tube amp or solid state. how much would have to be spend to leave the tripath behind.
and how much would it be behind ?

like a pp triode el84 or a SE300b at 1000 euro, are they capable of beating the tripath to death ? the tripath does a great job when it comes down to control and bass i think. to beat that, is gonna be hard.
i'm willing to put money down, but it has to make sense, otherwise i will live happy with the tripath, (and oh yes its high efficency)


tabarddn 3rd November 2009 12:38 PM

T amp is better that my MA50 mono blocks $4000 worth
Hi, I have also found that the T2020 to be very good indeed, better than my $4000 Musical Fidelity MA50 monoblock from a few years ago which had been rated as exelent by Hi-Fi Choice.
You say you want to upgrade but what CD are you using, if you are not using a better sounding $4000 / $5000 cd player then this is were you should start. Many people mis-understand the T amp and think that because it is cheap you can use cheap componts with it to. This is not true and if you cannot afford a decent hi-end CD player, use you T with a modded PS1 you will be amazed at the sound. I have also gotten a resonable jump in sound quality, ie impact, slam by using a portable battery jump starter as the power supplie. Also consider Bi-amping or even tri amping your speakers with more T amps, they are cheap enough. Hope this helps. I am currently teaching in China and have found a little electronics guy who pushes out a very nice board for $20US, he has a minimum buy of 10 which I bought and have seveal left over if you are interested.

then_dude 3rd November 2009 01:03 PM

thanks tabarddn for your reply,

i just put up a post for the best sub 100 dollar amp, probably it is a t amp.

well i don't use any cd player, i use usb DAC, the gamma 1 to be precise.

i have also modded the t amp. I use an smps because i'm not willing to put a battery in the house. i will think about it. but it needs to be able to play 12h non stop. i know that the input caps do a lot of harm to the sound.
i have connected a lot of sanyo oscon's straight on the pins of the t2020 so that the sounds gets much cleaner when cranking up the volume.

still, a battery psu, with a full range horn at >100db efficency will be probably the best to get super sound out of this system.

i'm gonna look a bit closer to the battery,
but i have heard that a normal lineair psu would do very nice to;


sled108 3rd November 2009 02:37 PM

I have a Arjen Helder TA2020 powered with a Samsung 14v 4A Monitor adapter. I gives the Amp plenty of Grunt to play my not-so sensitive 2-Way Bozaks as Nicely as you could want...At least Nipper thinks so...

Samsung AC Adapter 14V 4A AP06314-UV LCD Monitor Laptop - eBay (item 180417297531 end time Nov-07-09 07:49:59 PST)

then_dude 8th November 2009 01:02 AM

thanks sled108 and tabarddn

so tabarddn you had to buy all the parts seperatly ?
do you have also a spare amount of them, so that i can buy it as a kit.


tabarddn 8th November 2009 05:21 AM

Hi, yes I have 4 seperate boards that I do not need. The guy in China makes up a complete amp with Transformer fitted or you can get in as we normally see it with a plug you a SMPS.
I actually have just received from him a Valve Pre from him based on the Marantz 7. So I have this to boast the input signal a little then I have two T-2020 in Bi-Amp configuration. Running off of 2 seperate 12 volt dry-cell 7 amp batteries. WOW what a step up from just running the amps straight from the signal source. It also now gives me the convenience of 6 inputs. **Audio Heaven** Anyway enough of my ranting, I can let the boards go for US$20 each.. They work of of DC or AC and you can switch polarity with no effect.

then_dude 8th November 2009 10:45 AM


so you are only talking about the boards, the rest of the parts i should buy ?
like the T2020 itself ?

if so i'm not interested, cause it will cost more in transport costs getting all the parts togheter then just buy a full kit

may i ask you some things about your setup:
1)how big are the batteries ?
2)do you use digital crossover like a behringer
3)does the tube in front of the tripath only brings extra power or does it advance the sound ?
4)what do you mean with : straight from the signal source ?

thanks a lot

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