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Peteruk 26th February 2009 11:27 PM

Recommend me a car amp/player and speaker set - Tripath anyone?
Hey all,

I could use your vast sea of experience, hardened knowledge and steaming recommendations to help me take my tripath addiction into its next location - my car. After completing my own 41hz modular project based around a battery powered Amp4 (with a variety of other jenson PIO cap input, output caps, inductors and wiring changes), I am now addicted to the result, and would like to create/aquire a baby device that would fit in my very modest automobile - a Ford Fiesta (2000 reg).

Now of course, love has not made me blind, at the end of the day I am after a CD (or MP3 Hard drive) player that offers an extremely good sound quality, be it Tripath or otherwise, I simply thought mentioning my experiences may give an incite to the 'sound' I desire. I would love to dive into another project (Amp 9 maybe?) but if I put into it as much thought as the previous one (neigh on 3 years in both design and construction) it will not be ready in a rush. Perhaps more to the point, I've heard that amp pack is not quite as 'ironed-out' as the rest. Of course, I might be wrong with this, so please jump right in and correct me if you're bowled over by this pack.

If anyone can suggest a piece of equipment I might like to indulge myself in, be it tripath or otherwise, I would be very grateful. Suitable car speakers to make the most of this would also be powerful knowledge.

I understand I'm being extremely vauge here, but any pointers however general would be invaluable. It's hard to stick a budget on this - my previous project was done on a value rational - while some components were a tad on the pricey side, I only included them if I could warrent their use, and even then, they were aquired from the cheapest of the cheap venders. The final piece was not cheap, but obsecenely good bang for the buck. I'd take the same approach here.

If you need any other info please just ask.

I've yet to publish a finished report on the whole thing, but details of my progress from being inspired by a sonic T to mid stages in my design can be found with a bit of searching on here, 41hz and audiocircle if you do so desire.

Thanks to anyone who can post,
Peter :)

p.s. I had a quick scan for What HiFi type magazines but exclusively for car audio. But nothing. Shocking. Then again they do tend to exclude the underdogs too much for my liking.

p.p.s. If this is in the wrong catagory, mega sorry, a correction would be appreciated. :D

col 1st March 2009 11:40 AM

If you already have 41hz experience go for a amp9. Iv'e been powering 4 x JBL GTO937 6x9" that are supposedly 2ohm in a mobile sound system. The amp9 drives them very well.


calypso 1st June 2010 03:59 PM

i'm about to try
arjen's mkIII ta2020 - cheap and way cheaper if you bid, ships already built for connections and power/clipping leds
ENK805U-D - panel mount mp3 player/fm/aux with superb chinese specification i don't understand (maybe someone can help)

maybe this would fit good in your car. and if you can tweak with mp3-player output impedence <-> two arjen's ta2020 input impedence i will ask you how you did it...

luka 1st June 2010 08:13 PM

I will have amp7 and amp2 for car, but they aren't 12v powered

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