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Mass Car Audio 14th December 2008 09:57 AM

Best type of solder ?
What is the best type of solder I should use when when repairing hi powered class d and class a/b car amplifiers ?

justblair 14th December 2008 10:41 AM

Don't know if it is necessarily the best, but I use silver solder. Its not pure silver of course, just standard solder with a little (3-5%) silver added.

There are more exotic varieties out there, but I waste so much solder playing around it would choke me to spend significant money.

The other thing that I would recommend is some flux. It makes the whole job of soldering much easier. Although solders tend to come with flux in them, a bit more makes neater solder joints. If you have to rework the solder joint flux is near essential.

Pafi 14th December 2008 12:09 PM


hi powered class d and class a/b car amplifiers
What is the best solder for blue PCB? Irrelevant! Theoretically you should use the same type of solder as the original, because this way you get eutectic alloy, but since you can never know the type of original solder, you can use almost anything (or nothing).

The only thing you may know by seeing the PCB, is lead-containment.

If you use SnPb for an originally lead-free PCB, then you "pollute" it. But if you always use lead-free solder, then you may damage an older PCB wich is not prepared for higher temperature. (And mixing different kinds of solders can make non-eutectic alloy, wich is more rigid.)

Flux is really important, but quality is more important then quantity. I prefer Stannol Cristall 505 and 511 flux, (filled into the solder wire). I never need additional flux. (Exept for extremely oxided surfaces.)

Audioch 14th December 2008 03:43 PM

Best type of solder?
I like Kester 24-7068-7063. It is lead free (RoHS), rosin core, "No Clean", eutectic of Tin, Sliver & Copper.

Available from Digikey:


Mass Car Audio 15th December 2008 02:26 PM

thanks, I think i'm going to try Kester 24-7068-7063.

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