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MA_AV 29th May 2008 03:26 PM

hypex UcD400 step by step
this is my first message ,
I I want to build tow mono block on hypex UcD400,
I dont have background of electronic.
I want to order the necessary parts (UcD400HG TR400 Power supply HG mono) did I forget something ?
but i am afraid that I will not succeed to connect everything together.
does somebody can to explain step by step how to coonect the all part together ?
if there pictures in the explain it will be excellent.

Doug Fraser 29th May 2008 10:58 PM

The closet thing I have seen for a step by step set of instructions is the manual for the kit from DIYCABLE.

While what you build may be different at least you can see how they did it.


MA_AV 30th May 2008 09:06 PM

alternative to softstart
I saw in number of pictures that in certain cases did not use
the soft start,
1. If I build 2 mono block, I must use the softstart ?
2. is there something alternate to the softstart ?

Javin5 31st May 2008 10:02 PM

If you switch on both UcD400 monoblocks suimultaneously, then a soft start is advisable. If you power up one first and then the other one a few seconds later, you could probably do without.

The inrush current depends on your mains transformer and on the size of your power supply capacitors, so there is no fixed rule. In most cases, you would not need a soft start with the UcD180, whereas with the UcD700 it is a must. With the UcD400 you are in borderline territory.

Up to about 500 VA, you can usually risk to go without soft start, unless you have exceptionally large capacitors.

You certainly know that you need a soft start if your main fuse blows or your lights dim when you switch on your amplifier.

TheMG 1st June 2008 05:24 PM

Also, having a soft-start will extend the life of the power switch. Inductance of toroidal transformers causes increased arcing in the power switch which can wear it down faster over time. Ok yeah I know switches are cheap... but personally I like having something I know won't need fixing for a very long time.

croger 1st June 2008 07:16 PM

i built the same. the color coded pic I used to assemble.


MA_AV 2nd June 2008 02:41 PM

I have another questions,
I read more a little story about people how build the HYPEX
and they use CAP6 instead of the UcD supply HG or the UcD Supply HG Mono,
what is the CAP6? and is it better from the other ?

where can I buy Transformer 400VA ?

TheMG 3rd June 2008 01:37 AM


Originally posted by MA_AV
where can I buy Transformer 400VA ?

You can buy it direct from Hypex, or from a 3rd party.

I used:

But there are many many more places you can get them.

MA_AV 3rd June 2008 08:54 PM

2 Attachment(s)
hi again,
doe's some one know alternative power supply to hypex ?
can somebody tell me what prototype of transforner 300VA I need to 400UcD ?
becouse i see many model like (300VA, 2 X 25V ) (300VA, 2 X 30V
) ( 300VA, 2 X 35V )
I add picture of someone how build mono UcD400
he use tranforner 500VA without softstart, how ?
and he doesent use the hypex power supply (can someone recognize the power supply ?)
Best regards

TheMG 4th June 2008 02:27 AM

Well, the 500VA transformer that guy used for a single UCD400 is way overkill.

About 250-300VA per UCD400 should be plenty with sufficient capacitance on the power supply.

You will need a transformer with 2 x 40V, give or take a few.

While you could build your own power supply, I'd recommend for a beginner to use the Hypex one. The Hypex power supply has circuitry for speaker DC protection. Personally I wouldn't build an amplifier without this sort of protection.

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