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maverick_123 27th November 2007 03:37 AM

help with gate drivers(IR2110)
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Hey guys,

Well I'm trying to understand the function of a gate driver using the schematic below. How can I test the output of the gate driver without connecting the mosfets. Also will the circuit work if I just connect +/- 25V to the mosfets and -10V to the gate driver.
forgot to mention that I'am using an IR2110.

I just don't get how it works.

Need help

BWRX 27th November 2007 04:35 AM

Re: help with gate drivers(IR2110)

Originally posted by maverick_123
Well I'm trying to understand the function of a gate driver using the schematic below.
Have you tried looking at the datasheet?

There's a functional block diagram as well as test circuits shown in there.

fredos 27th November 2007 12:13 PM

Disconect feedback loop and put it to ground, short output nod to -VCC to make the hight side working. Mosfet should be unconnected....You will be able to check gate signal...

Or simply unconnect the +\- VCC and measure gate drive!


maverick_123 27th November 2007 01:40 PM

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If I disconnect +/- VCC to the Mosfets what should I do the the Vs pin of the gate driver.

maverick_123 27th November 2007 01:44 PM


One more thing, I don't have the power supplies that this schmatics has. I'am working with +/-25v and -10v.

I notice their is a 15 volts difference and that what I'am doing for testing purposes.

fredos 27th November 2007 02:00 PM

You should leave the aux PSU for mosfet driver, but with no VCC to power mosfet...Then you will be able to take some measurement..

When you do that, short output terminal to ground to avoid false reading due to possible offset on output..


maverick_123 27th November 2007 03:22 PM


Ok I've done my research and it seems the typical connection of a gate driver is to apply -VCC to pins SD,VSS, and Com. What does that have to do with it's function. Here is another example of a gate driver connection.

Another thing, I don't have the load connected it to the output of the mosfets. So are you saying not to power the mosfets and apply the -10V to the gate and see the signals out

fernando_g 4th December 2007 08:53 PM

I'm just curious......but I have a question.
Unrelated to your original question, but related to your schematic:

Why are you double-buffering the triangle wave?

The keyword here is double.

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