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JohnW 19th November 2007 03:49 AM

Pierre / ssanmor one and the same posters?
It has been confirmed to me that Pierre and ssanmor are the one and same posters.

While there’s always a fine line between supporting Diy’ers on this forum and promoting ones business, it’s a completely different matter to pass one’s self off as a “Diyer” while promoting your own products.

Here’s just a list of Pierre / ssanmor IP address, only the forum moderators can confirm the last 3 digits (xxx) of the IP address:-


11-26-2004 IP: Spain

12-08-2004 IP: Sevilla Spain

11-15-2007 IP: Spain

11-15-2007 IP: “Webstar” Cable IP address in Spain

Well, none of these are from Paris France – as Pierre states as his location, in fact none of his IP address have ever been psoetd from Paris, unless he's using a VPN in Spain.


07-31-2007 IP: Spain
05-19-2003 IP: Spain

Not only does Pierre clearly promote his own products as if he where a satisfied customer, but he even deceivingly ask other manufactures such as Jan Paul and other honest forum users for design help and even basic knowledge under the disguise.

Here’s just a sample of these request by “Pierre” :-

Help with feedback

New coldamp toy

IR21xx + mosfet drivers

Philips UCD application note

Hypex versus ColdAmp

32V 8A SMPS? Skynet 8080 max voltage?
“Ask coldamp ( They make a 400W SMPS, SPS30 I think they can sell them at different voltages if you ask. I asked them for a 30V/10A and they can do it, I suppose your request...”

Selecting coupling cap for half-bridge offline SMPS

“Hello all. I am designing a half-bridge switching power supply, in the range of 800W-1Kw. I would like to have your advice on what type of capacitor to use to couple one of the primary pins to the... Is this capacitor, for example, adequate, or too slow?”

Has anybody ever build IRAUDAMP?

“Did you use that mosfets with no additional driver but the IR2110? It has quite a large gate capacitance! What value did you use for the gate resistor? Did you measure the rise/fall time of the switching...”

Bigger coldamp module, available?

“Hello, I read some weeks ago that Coldamp is about to launch a bigger power Class-D amplifier, 700W or so. Does anyone know something about this, or when will it be available? I cannot find any info on...”

What do you guys think of this SMPSU?

“was also tempted to buy that one, but when I saw its size, cost and those scary snubbers, I discarded it. However, I bought Coldamp SPS80 PSU ( I use it with their modules...”

UCD400 Power supply question...

“My 2 cents... From my experience, supported by some posts here, you will find a very noticeable improvement by changing your linear PSU to a coldamp switching one, specially a deeper bass. I started with...”

Where to buy ICEpower amps?

“Well, I have not personally compared UcD to Coldamp, but read some reviews in this forum that said that coldamp sound was "richer" and bass deeper. Anyway, I think they must be in a very similar level...”

need+-42Vdc @5amp

“Have a look at:

I think that they can also provide custom voltage versions from +/-40 to the standard voltage,...”

Cad audio DK amps???

“You may also want to consider coldamp (
They provide an absolutely excellent service, that was my experience and there have been some other posts in this forum remarking this...”

Hypex or NewclassD? Which is the Best Class D Amp there is????

“If it helps, I have only compared Coldamp to Hypex, and both of them sounding good, I clearly preferred Coldamp, even taking apart their higher flexibility and rudgedness.”

” Nice to hear that you also like them, Simon. When I bought my coldamp amplifiers, first I was using a linear PSU with 625VA transformer and LPS30 PSU, but then I "switched" to their switching PSUs. The...”

Class D/T DIY power amp on a budget!

“With that budget and power requirements I'd buy a Home Hi-Fi pack from Coldamp (1 SPS30 + 2 Bp4078). The price is 340 euro and you get a good 200W/ch at 4 ohm. I have personally tried only SPS30, but I...”

The list goes on and on and on…

DiyAudio Forum provides a great service to both hobbyist and Pro’s alike, but there dishonest use of our close community sickens me,

John Westlake

Eva 19th November 2007 10:24 PM

Good job JohnW.

In fact, I remember Pierre asking dozens of elementary questions about class D and SMPS, particularly one or two years ago, so I'm sure he was not particularly experienced in these fields back then and he has learnt a lot from us. But seeing it from a positive point of view, at least he has been always wanting to learn. There are other people out there designing and seelling junk electronics that don't want to learn at all.

The really negative part is the fact that he used another nick to ask the questions... And to self promote later :dead:

pinkmouse 19th November 2007 10:31 PM


John first posted this yesterday, and we put it on hold until we had chance to investigate. We have now done so, and are confident that Pierre and Ssanmor are the same person, so both have been banned, as is our standard procedure for sock-puppets. We do try and keep this sort of thing under control, but occasionally some slip past us, and our thanks to John for bringing this case to our attention.

Workhorse 20th November 2007 04:03 AM

Great Work John Westlake!!!
So the Coldamp guy Ssanmor is none other than the so called french engineer Pierre.........
I once emailed Pierre 2 years ago about the listening impressions of his experiments, and in regards i got "Sergio Sanchez Moreno"....i didn't payed attention to it, assuming that i might send that email to Ssanmor instead......
:smash: :smash: :smash:

jacco vermeulen 20th November 2007 07:03 AM


Originally posted by JohnW
their dishonest use of our close community sickens me
Good show, Mr Westlake.

My Left Foot turned out to be a sock-puppet too.
At first he claimed to be Irish, but he was just playing a part.

Workhorse 20th November 2007 11:42 AM

Pierre finds a new Company "Coldamp"
See how the hell he is bent on publicizing his stuff......hehehehe

I think one must claim royalty over Coldamp modules....

Pierre is taking help of Phase_Accurate[Charles] for implementing post filter feedback....

Pierre getting some Smps Help from Evita & others.....

Pierre & Ssanmor talking about Crest Lt schematics

Pierre used to learn from these experts.....and then Ssanmor[pierre]used this in implementing into what we all know is Coldamp......really disgusting.....

theAnonymous1 20th November 2007 12:24 PM

With so much at risk for him (his good name), you think he would have at least been smart enough to use a proxy. Even 11 year olds know how to use proxies.:rolleyes:

theAnonymous1 20th November 2007 12:33 PM

Hi again, how do you like my French IP?:clown:

IVX 20th November 2007 01:02 PM

2 Attachment(s)
LOL Workhorse, who don't lies even once? Aha? :) So let's love a truth, for avoiding a shame.
SSanmor, if you don't like a truth, you must have an imagination at least.. did you hear about proxi something? Hint:
My current IP: it's China, it's me and my buddy Bruce in the HK city, but actually i'm in the Russia now.. :bawling:

luka 20th November 2007 01:13 PM


You guys are good to find that out. I am reading what was posted and dieing from laughing so hard... great job anyway, and warning to other if someone is doing the same....

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