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Rod_T 26th October 2007 08:50 AM

Where do I get Tripath Chips???
Hi, I'm relatively new to this chip amp phenomena. I'm wanting to setup manufacturing yet another Tripath amp. I have had no response from Tripath or their distributors to my emails. Are they still operating?
If so how do I get a supply of the devices? Can anyone help with a supply?

jormajj 26th October 2007 08:55 AM

Try web shop
br jormajj

dmfraser 26th October 2007 10:08 PM

Look for another line of work
Read some of the other threads. Tripath has gone out of business. Cirrus Logic bought the intellectual property. When I asked the Cirrus Logic guys at the Audio Engineering Society show in New York in early October what their plans were, they were unsure of whether they would make any of the Tripath chips. They were going to introduce the technology into their own chips. They said they would not preclude making some of the TriPath chips but there were no plans now that they knew about.

BWRX 26th October 2007 10:25 PM

When I hear a response like that, I get the feeling that they will probably choose to produce some of the best selling chips under their own name that will be pin for pin replacements for the existing Tripath parts and will discontinue the rest of the Tripath lineup. Who knows what else they'll come up with.

DcibeL 26th October 2007 11:02 PM

When I read a post like that, I get the feeling that they will use the Tripath technology in little cheap multimedia computer speakers. I guess time will tell ;)

dmfraser 26th October 2007 11:14 PM

Actually Cirrus has some serious pro quality devices. I am designing products right now with Cirrus Cobranet/DSP chips and using Cirrus's top of the line CODEC. And we are very impressed with the sound quality.

Bear in mind I am taking an audio signal, encoding it in the A/D part of a CS42516, running it through a DSP, converting it back to analog with the CS42516 and then amplifying it with a 1 KW ICE module and I am still getting .004% THD+N at a 48KHz sample rate. And a 114db dynamic range.

At 96KHz, the THD+N is about .003% measured on an Audio Precision.

And yes, we listen to them too and while the sound is different than a class A/B amplifier, it is just as good. For every minus there is a plus. Different is just different and does not mean inferior.

Yes, Cirrus makes parts used in cheap crap too and I expect them to make their chips using the Tripath technology NOT pin compatible for any number of reasons.

Myself I get the best results from AKM converters then Cirrus. But AKMs are hard to get at times while Cirrus parts are available all the time.

Hint: Do a search for RHAON. Ignore the Korean site.

Pano 27th October 2007 12:31 AM

Re: Cirrus

Originally posted by dmfraser
Hint: Do a search for RHAON.
Cool! I like Renkus-Heinz divers, used them in pro audio plenty. The CobraNet is very handy, for sure!

FWIW, I'm plenty happy with my Cirrus logic based DAC for home use.

Boris_The_Blade 27th October 2007 12:55 AM may still have stock left. They are in Europe but I have bought things from them with success before. (Im in US)

Rod_T 28th October 2007 02:35 AM

Thanks for your comments and help guys.

I realized that Tripath were 'shaky' but I didn't know that they had gone under. Even on the profusionplc site there is a comment to that effect, so all Tripath parts are now obsolete.

Supply of parts in smaller MOQs is getting a problem anyhow so I now won't be using the Tripath chips in any commercial design. I'm now looking much wider at the options and I'm finding this forum really helpful.

I have followed up the above 41Hz, Cirrus Logic, and profusionplc suggestions, thanks for that.

I'm now looking at all the other possible small amp configurations... linear AB, class D, discrete or chip or hybrid. So many options...

Thanks for your help.

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