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Zene Gillette 28th September 2007 02:38 AM

Delemma of the Sonic
Did search, there may be answers, but did not find.
I'd like to have a T-amp for each quad-amped speaker, using one channel only, mono block. The good is that each amp board would be right at the speaker with very short speaker wire, crosstalk and slight power increase. Not sure what the downside is?

Pano 28th September 2007 08:56 PM

Re: Delemma of the Sonic

Originally posted by Zene Gillette
Not sure what the downside is?
Cost? More wires? Longer line-level signal runs?

I don't think there are any real disadvantages, except a little extra wire stringing. Powered speakers have many advantages.

Zene Gillette 28th September 2007 10:55 PM

Thanks, Michael.
Do you know if the T's can be wired as balanced inputs? I ASSume it's just internally grounding the shield, but would hate to screw up.
I drive them with an active that has balanced XLR outputs. That should help immensely using longer cables. Forget the eMail I sent last week or so. You done answered here.

Pano 29th September 2007 02:00 AM

I don't know of a way to drive the inputs directly with a balanced signal, sorry. The Sonic is single ended on the inputs - it's an inverting opamp built into the chip.

Balanced cables will help noise - but if that's not an issue, go non-balanced. Or use a balun transfo.

I don't think I got your email. :xeye:

Zene Gillette 29th September 2007 02:37 AM

Michael ... NP with the eMail, had problems about then.

Looks as if the little T's might be dead as far as Parts Express is concerned. They show only the Gen 2 and Super. Will get answer tomorrow.

Think my best bet is to just to get the Supers and use both channels per one side. Left channel mid, right channel tweeter, etc. Sure would save a lot of modding. And I want to try one on my woofers.

BTW using 3 stock T's now on UB and coax mid. Sound is damn good

No great advantage to use one amp per speaker on woofers?

Would only take 4 to get the job done, excluding bass. Not bad considering that the overall sound could be outstanding.

Is the circuit board grounded to the chassis on the Super?
If so will make a balanced connection more difficult to figure out.
As soon as I find out the correct way to wire the XLR I'll let you know. Might be something you would like to try. Could help cleanup just a little more.

I know you liked a PS on yours. What advantages are there over my big nasty 100amp/hr deep cycle? Seems as if the only thing lacking might be a good quick cap on the battery. Never tried that.

Just how big and expensive is a PS to run up to 6 Super T's?


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