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smoerk 16th August 2007 02:59 PM

need advise: 3-channel tripath with 12V power supply

i would like to build a three channel amp which i could optionaly power with 12V batteries. looks like i should go for a tripath amp. any advise for an amp kit? i want to power B&W DM303 speakers (88db sensitivity).

sharpi31 16th August 2007 03:04 PM

Have a look at - these Tripath based amp kits are excellent.

The problem is that the chips that use a single 12V supply are the less powerful of the Tripath chips, and your speakers are not very sensitive.

Low power Tripath amps tend to work best with more sensitive speakers, but you may be ok at low to medium volumes.

smoerk 16th August 2007 05:39 PM

thanks for the advise :-)

still, so many different amps, hard to choose the right one.

maybe i should stop looking for the perfect solution and just order a 2-channel amp6-basic to get started. it's cheap, looks simple to build and i could use a 12V smps or a battery.

y8s 16th August 2007 06:01 PM

You can get Amp9 in a 12V configuration.

smoerk 16th August 2007 07:44 PM


Originally posted by y8s
You can get Amp9 in a 12V configuration.
you can power the 24V configuration with 12V, too. the 12V configuration is just lower profile (and i guess it blows up, when you try to run it with 24V)

i'm trying the amp6, because it seems much easier to build and i want to get it right. if i'm successful i can build another model :-)

Pano 16th August 2007 09:57 PM

Yes, the AMP6 is a very good place to start.
I have not built the "basic", but the normal one has everything you need except connectors and a transformer.

I run mine from a 15 VAC transformer that gives about 20 VDC once it had run thru the diode bridge and been filtered. Then the regulator brought that down to about 14.4 volts. The amp really kicks with that supply!
Be sure you get a nice heatsink on the Tripath chip AND the voltage regulator. I just used the case. (You will need the insulator pad for the regulator.)

v-bro 16th August 2007 10:25 PM

Why do you need three channels?

AMP9 could be nice, but is not ideal as it's made for low impedance speakers. Ideal is you can parallel two of the four channels to get three channels. Could work well with a mono sub....

AMP9 is through hole only (except some large diodes) so is easy to build. At 24V it is quite powerfull, much more powerfull than the AMP6...

smoerk 17th August 2007 03:06 PM


Originally posted by v-bro
Why do you need three channels?

left - center - right

it's not a full 5.1 setup, but i thought it's better to spend the money on three real speakers and a good amplifier instead of buying some crappy 5.1 home entertainment all-in-one system for the same price.

most of the time i'm listening to music anyway. i'm thinking about upmixing 2-channel stereo to LCR.

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