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gnostic19 3rd August 2007 03:44 PM

Choice: two Trends T-10.1s or one Kingrex T20 w/PSU
I am just getting into the Tamp thang...have no idea how they sound(though i have read a bit). I would probably be feeding a QSilver Line stage pre-amp or some passive pre-amp i get down the line. My speakers are curerntly SOund Dynamics RTS-3s.

I am wondering if the dual amping Trends ($260)would sound better than one singularly superior (when compared 1 on 1 with Trends, or so i've read) Kingrex($400) unit. My budget is $3-400 for the amp(s).

I listen mainly to 4-6 piece acoustic jazz, some alt rock and some synthesized beats., but mainly acoustic jazz.

thanks in advance.

preiter 3rd August 2007 06:58 PM

I have no experience with the King Rex, but the reviews I have read seem to indicate that it is marginally better than the Trends, and much of the improvement comes from its power supply.

I would go with the bi-amp Trends configuration, and pick up some inexpensive regulated SMPS (you can get them for under $10) to replace the stock supplies.

As a bonus, you get double the power that way. Not a minor consideration, since we are talking about approximately 6 useful watts into 8 ohms with these amps.

Pano 4th August 2007 05:40 AM

:whazzat: You don't get twice the power with two amps. The amps would have to have a higher voltage output to get more power. It's Ohm's law.

Both are very good, and I think you would be happy with either. The Kingrex has the advantage of a single volume control, if that is important to you. If you have a preamp, then it doesn't matter. The KingRex is somewhat larger and more sturdy, but of course that comes at a price.

Agreed that a power supply upgrade will help the Trends.

gnostic19 4th August 2007 05:47 PM

i asked a dealer who sells both, or whatever, and the guy said he would go with the KRex, even when i added the ultra modded to the mix. He also emphasized the better build quality of the KRex.

The concept of dual momo configuration has always appealed to me, even though i have never listened to a dual mono set up. I may have the quality of it blown out of proportion compared to reality.
I will, regardless, be using a pre-amp with the set up...probably a QSilver line stage with 12AX7s.

One other side not...up until my recent disovery of teh T-amp thang, i was going to hunt down another Rotel RB980BX 120wpc amp and do a bridged 2 amp, dual mono design for my system. Only probel mwith this is i won't be able to power my Magnepan MMGs with this, as Rotel is emphatic about using 4 ohm speakers with bridging their amp. Then again, i can't even use one T-amp with the MMGs cause of the underpower issue. I will have to use my RTS-2 SDynamics or a new pair i am researching...either Axiom M22s or JM Labs Chorus 707s.

preiter 4th August 2007 06:57 PM

Oh yeah, this is passive bi-amping. Not really any power improvement at all.

You do get significantly more power from actively crossed bi-amping, though.

You definitely don't want to try bridging an amplifier into 4 ohms, unless you are damn sure your amp can handle a 2 ohm load. When bridging, each amplifier sees only half of the load.

gnostic19 4th August 2007 08:32 PM


course, i meant that bridging Rotels would not allow me to use 4 ohm speakers. And my speakers are RTS-3s, not 2s.

The thing about having 2 Trends would be the improved imaging, i assume.

dweekie 8th August 2007 04:34 AM


Originally posted by gnostic19
i asked a dealer who sells both, or whatever, and the guy said he would go with the KRex, even when i added the ultra modded to the mix. He also emphasized the better build quality of the KRex.

What does Panomaniac have to say about this? :eek:

Also, Pano, did you happen to get my email regarding smps?

theAnonymous1 8th August 2007 12:21 PM

Not to **** on the Kingrex , but $400+ for a TA2020........:rolleyes:

I would say either buy the Trends, or if you need more power go for an AudioSource AMP7-T.

bbaker6212 13th August 2007 06:50 AM

Well the cost (and quality) is really in the implementation. As an example look at this even higher-end $1300 implementation of a Tripath amp...which got rave reviews...

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