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Khron 11th March 2006 09:26 AM

Best place for discrete buffer
Considering that i'm going to bi-amp my bookshelf speakers with a pair of GC's each, with active crossovers etc, and having found a discrete 3-transistor buffer, my question is:

What is / are the best place /-s to place the buffer?

a) before the active crossover (1 buffer)
b) between the crossover and the GC's (2 buffers)
c) both of the above (3 buffers)

The discrete buffer is the one found on Nuuk's site, in the Buffered GC chapter. ( )

pinkmouse 11th March 2006 09:38 AM

It all depends...

If you have any sources with low outputs, you might want a buffer with gain in front of the pot. Buffers in front of active stages are good, because they make sure the crossover operates in a known condition, and if your crossovers are mounted a distance away from the amp, then an output buffer is required to drive the cables. But then your crossover circuit may already have input and output buffers built in. More info is needed.

Nuuk 11th March 2006 01:24 PM

I ran my two-way active speakers with only a volume control in front of ( but in the same housing as) the active crossovers. In other words, I used the active crossovers as my buffers. This worked very well!

Why not try that before you go to the trouble of building the buffer? ;)

Khron 11th March 2006 02:02 PM

I'm only asking in order to have my plan layed out as well and as accurately as possible. I'm still quite some way from actually getting to listen to my speakers, 'cuz the drivers are a bit expensive for me, at least at this moment (70euros per one midbass isn't exactly dirt-cheap :D ).

Nuuk 11th March 2006 03:57 PM

What speakers are you planning to build?

Khron 11th March 2006 04:03 PM

A pair of bi-amped bookshelves, using a Seas L15RLY/P each, and i haven't yet decided on a tweeter. All i know is that i want a fabric dome tweeter. In an attempt to reduce costs, i've even started considering using a cheap chinese dome tweeter (some Vifa look-alike replica: ) :xeye: At least until i'll raise some more cash to get a pair of Seas 27TDFC/TVs...:D

Nuuk 11th March 2006 04:06 PM

That's not a bad strategy and often what I have to do. At least if you start with something OK, you can really appreciate any up-market replacements! ;)

I reckon the active crossovers described in the DD Project section would do the job for you! They are based on the same circuit as the three-transistor buffer so you get the crossovers and buffer for the same price! I was totally satified with them until I moved to full-range drivers and open baffles! :att'n:

Khron 11th March 2006 04:11 PM

That tweeter is something around... 10-11 euros. It's marketed by a Hungarian company, but pretty much everyone knows they just re-brand chinese stuff. Anyway, it's a teeny bit cheaper than the Seas tweeter i mentioned (i can get it at ~28 euros a piece), so.. I guess it would save me a bit :D

Nuuk 11th March 2006 05:16 PM

I have just upgraded from some 5 UKP soft dome tweeters that sounded very good for the money!

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