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sivan_and 7th March 2005 01:42 PM

INDIA--PCB source
Sorry abt INDIA specfic post!!!
PCB's required for the following Chip amps... Anyone in India ?
LM3886T Non InV
LM3876T Non InV
OPA549T Parallel brigde.

sivan_and 12th January 2006 04:23 AM


sangram 12th January 2006 07:26 AM

You waited 9 months?

Did you get the PCBs?

Anyway most custom PCB makers would be glad to do the PCBs for you, they're quite simple to design and print. 3886 is available from a lot of kit guys (I bought mine from Peter, I think the higher price is OK as the quality is simple superb). 3876 Should be doable on P2P, so should OPA549T and 3886. You don't really need a PCB...

Spasticteapot 12th January 2006 07:41 AM

You know, it's not hard to make 'em yourself. All you need is some ferric chloride, blank (unetched) PCBs, and a laser printer. A Sharpie permanent marker can also work quite well for making traces, if necessary.

sivan_and 12th January 2006 01:49 PM

What am looking for a PTH PCB....I've done some etching before and posted the pics in this forum....i hate w FeCl2

sagarverma 12th January 2006 05:23 PM

Sashi told bout a good method that he uses.
he goes to those wedding cards wala with the laser print of the copper traces.they transfer the pattern on to the copper side of pcb with their ink that is not affected by Fecl3.
he told that it can e done for Rs 40 for 20 to 30 pcbs.isnt it good and cheap?i havent tried it myself.

but if u want to get pcbs made contact

Amar electronics
432,lajpat rai mkt
ph 23868515,23864881
fax 27454461

he MIGHT help u.

DoomPixie 12th January 2006 10:13 PM

i have not used ferric chloride yet as i got 1Kg of potassium perchlorate in a pcb makeing kit i bought, not sure if it is any better than ferric chloride but it deffinatley does the job and i ahve not had ANY problems with it, wear latex gloves so i dont get it on my hands and saftey glasses so i dont accidentally splash it in my eyes, have heard ferric chloride stains really dadly which i havent experienced with potassium perchlorate.

sangram 13th January 2006 05:55 AM

PTH PCBs in India, cheaply? Forget it. For small order runs they will cost you an arm and a leg. It's a better idea to order from people who already make the kits/PCBs. 3886 and 3875 are readily available from audiosector (yes, they're PTH double-sided boards). 549 you don't even need a PCB. As a matter of fact for any of the above amps you don't actually need a PCB as the parts count is very low. I've built a P2P of an LM4766 stereo amp, the pin count is twice as dense as a 3875/3886/549 as it is a stereo amp in the same footprint as the above mono chips. It's not difficult if you get the hang of it.

sivan_and 13th January 2006 02:31 PM

ME in this hobby since '80....have lost expensive devices with their pins/leads broken in p2p fashion...copper leads break easily when oxidised with age...Anyway i hate such lazy assembling techs..
Anyway sagarverma thanks for ur valuable coments...

sagarverma 13th January 2006 03:53 PM


Originally posted by sivan_and


**************lemme share what I do for my PCB's.I don't do the toner transfer myself.Instead,I take a printout of the PCB layout on translucent (tracing?) paper with a laser printer and give it to those screen-printing guys (those wedding-card printing fellas) along with the appropriate sized copper board.They make the 'screen' and do the transfer on the board after which it's jujst a matter of etching in FeCl3 and drilling(me uses a small manual pcb drilling hand tool).They charge Rs40/- for any no. of boards from one to 20.


u liked wedding cardWALA idea.:)the text in * is what Sashi wrote.hope it helps.
I will be watching this post keenly.;)

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