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soundNERD 10th August 2004 12:49 PM

Most Powerful Opamp avaliable
What is the most powerful opamp avaliable, not including those $500 dollar ones we're always talking about. I would assume it is some OPA chip, but I have no idea which one.

Would anybody be able to tell me what some of the highest power chipamps are?

What I need to do is make a subwoofer, and none of the chips I have produce enough power, like the 3886, 4766, 4780, opa541, opa549, etc. I need at leat 200-300 watts RMS of power, and since the speaker is 8ohm, bridging is possible and is what I am going to do to get the most power.

Or, if somebody has come up with a good pcb for the lm4651/4652 yet, I would like to try it.

Thank you!

peranders 10th August 2004 01:52 PM

If you need 200 watts I think a "das Modul" will fit you (4 x LM3886)

For a sub amp it is just as easy to make a MOSFET amp. It's trivial to drive mosfets up to max 10 kHz and with good quality from 10-200 Hz. Maybe you should check stuff from Rod Elliott?

soundNERD 11th August 2004 02:30 AM

Thanks for the reply. If you have time, would you mind suggesting a good schematic to start with?

And, like I said, any working board for a 4651/2 amp would be appreciated.

Finally, is the das module the same as the bridge/parallel 3886 amp? because I am building one of those right now.

also, I was just wondering, what is the most powerful opa chip like i asked in the first post?

raidfibre 11th August 2004 02:53 PM

LM12CLK TO-3 package, 80 watts rated.
$16.90 :eek:

peranders 11th August 2004 03:04 PM

LM12 is not very high-tech these days.

soundNERD, have you totally missed Thomas Madsen's excellent pcb which he sells?

Das Modul is mainly a BPA-200 according to the application note AN-1192

jan.didden 11th August 2004 03:21 PM


Sorry to disagree with you (again...), but to me the LM12 is a more advanced design than the other GC chipamps. It has a fully symmetrical output stage. With a gain of 10 or more, it can handle 1uF cap loads. This would be the killer GC amp for 'difficult' full range speakers, with 10A current capability, generous SOA and excellent stability.

Jan Didden

PMA 11th August 2004 03:40 PM

GC = simple-to-do + trust (blind faith;) ). Nothing more, nothing less.

raidfibre 11th August 2004 03:49 PM

He asked for the most power opamp. The LM12CL is not advertised as an audio amp so I was just citing the most power non-audio-specific opamp I know of.

jan.didden 11th August 2004 03:53 PM


Originally posted by PMA
GC = simple-to-do + trust (blind faith;) ). Nothing more, nothing less.

Indeed, and I think the LM12 is even easier to use. Only 4 pins..;)

Jan Didden

peranders 11th August 2004 03:54 PM


Originally posted by janneman
Sorry to disagree with you (again...), but to me the LM12 is a more advanced design than the other GC chipamps.
From what I can see LM3886 is substantially faster and has also a bit lower distortion, less noise.

The difference isn't huge and I have never heard LM12 so I'll guess this won't create a big debate.

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