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SVI2004A 28th April 2004 11:08 AM

My new Amp project completed! :)
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well I *FINALLY* got around to actually making my 1st Amp module in years

its a Technics SVI 3102 (2x 50W new class A Amplifier

i was given a SONY FH-B150 midi stereo and decided to add a little magic - i hope to see others use such a good ic in their upcomings - SVI has a COMPLIMENTARY SYMMETRY output stage - min ext components int. overload det. thump/dethump uses Technics synchro-bias - runs MINT (read no osc / not hot / no distortion) not bad for a 1st attempt - id like to be able to make a good PCB layout for this - tho i have no idea of PCB artwork etc - ill post soon the exact schematic i used - but heres a pic of the fully operating amp pic

- Baily :spin:

digi01 28th April 2004 11:55 AM

nice cake chips!congratulations:)

can you post more detail of the chips?

SVI2004A 28th April 2004 03:01 PM

The Schematic...
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this is the circuit i made

UrSv 28th April 2004 03:04 PM

What is the "AC IN" used for?

SVI2004A 28th April 2004 03:09 PM

The AC in is utilized for the Thump/Dethump/Overload Det. RESET-
this will give a 4 sec delay before sound ON - nil thump off / if overload detected, AC must be switched off & on again for overload det. to reset

- Baily :spin:

croccodillo 7th September 2005 12:31 PM

I have an old Technics amp, that uses the SVI 3102 chip.
I'd like to know the characteristics of such an amp: could you be so gentle to send me SVI3102 datasheet or characteristics (power, distorsion, bandwidth, etc.)?

Thanks in advance,

Stabist 12th September 2005 05:47 PM

Hi croccodillo,

a bit offtopic- but - the dog in your avatar reminds me to Rhodesian Ridgeback - so I wonder - is it maybe a RR??

croccodillo 13th September 2005 07:22 AM

Sincerely, Stabist, I don't know.
We found her (is a "lady") abandoned in Barcelona, Spain, last summer, where we were on vacation. We decided to bring her home with us, then we trip back home with our little car (we live in Italy): a terrific trip of about 1000 Km with two dogs in the car (together with me and my wife there was also her sister with her dog...).
But yes, she is really really similar to a RR: in fact I contacted one RR breeder here in Italy and they told us that it can be, Nayma (this is her name) could be a RR, perhaps not pure (she does not have the crest; the breeder told us that it can be with a RR, and perhaps this is the reason they abandoned Nayma).
In any case, she is wonderful, we love her.
If you want to see more picture of her, here 's a link to a gallery I posted on my web site:


Sorry for my long answer, but when I begin to talk about Nayma I can stop...


Stabist 13th September 2005 02:06 PM

First I wpuld like to apologize because I'm disscusing about dogs in this topic - we will try to find a more apropriate place - but first this answer tp crocodillo ...

Nayma is a beautifull girl :D

Hehe - I'm proud on myself to conclude about her being an RR with the help of the small avatar photo :D

I understand you fully - I'm also quite addicted with dogs - and I have problems to stop when discussing about them ...

Probably you are very right - becouse the absence of ridge she was abandoned - but nevertheles - very simphatyc "girl"

Undoubtedly she has a lot of RR signs - so it surely must be aither one either mixed with it ...

Maybe you wonder ;) how I "noticed" her - well - we have a Tara - 2,5 yrs old RR female ... A real queen of the house ...

SVI2004A 14th September 2005 04:00 PM

lol nice to see a beautiful Hybrid IC go to tha dogs!

soon i shall release a SVI3200 series module :)

-Baily :spin:

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