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pistolpedro 28th January 2013 09:43 AM

help to power my diy amp kit
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hello i just bought this kit and i am finished soldering it. now i want to try it but i dont have any transformer and i don't know witch one to use.

it says Power Input:2 X 12VAC

can i build it myself? i have magnet wire from a scrapped tv.

i have not found any tutorial for this.

if it is impossible to build myself i want to know what transformer i can buy that will fit this kit.

link to the amp kit:
TDA2030A Audio Power Amplifier DIY Kit Components OCL 18W x 2 BTL 36W | eBay

thank you

sofaspud 28th January 2013 10:25 AM

Not impossible, just not practical. You should look to buy a 24-volt center-tapped (24VCT) transformer, rated for 4 amps.
You'll also need a line cord, fuse and holder, connecting wire, and a constant remembrance that you will be dealing with mains voltages. Safety has priority. Use this thread any time you are uncertain of how things should be put together.

activexp 28th January 2013 10:55 AM

Or in other words you need a 12V x 2 (12v - 0 -12v) transformer rated at 100VA

Something like this one will do very nicely.

sreten 28th January 2013 12:31 PM


50VA would be plenty big enough, 100VA is overkill.
Stating the obvious : you'll also need a heatsink.

rgds, sreten.

sofaspud 29th January 2013 04:46 AM


50VA would be plenty big enough, 100VA is overkill.
After roughly derating a 2A transformer for the on-board DC supply, I decided a few $$ more for a bigger transformer would be worth it. The best value in the 50-100 VA range would be the smartest shopping IMO.

pistolpedro 29th January 2013 11:00 AM

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ok thanks for very good and fast replies=)
and thanks for letting me join this amazing forum.

I upload a picture of the heatsinks.
The smaller black one i plan to use for both the TDA2030A.
The big heatsink for the transformer?
i get them from a scrapped computer.

so if i get it correctly then this transformer will work for my kit?
Toroidal 230V Mains Transformer 50VA 0 12V 0 12V | eBay

it is more in my price range. this is going to be my first amp build so i dont want to spent too much on just learning the basics.

i know im dealing with 230v ac here so im planning for saftey first! ;)

sreten 29th January 2013 12:25 PM


The transformer doesn't need a heat sink.
The 50VA will be fine, its on the generous side of what is needed.

rgds, sreten.

pistolpedro 29th January 2013 01:08 PM

Ok thank you. And i also wonder what amp value on the fuse? I plan to make a wood box with inbuilt speakers. Maybe car speakers. I can upload progress

pistolpedro 8th February 2013 12:31 AM

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Hello i am back again
I wonder now how to connect this.
I need help to wire up my diagram so that i can start doing some testings.
will the speakers for my project work? can i have four speakers?
I also need to know how to wire the fuse holder and on off switch to the torodial transformer.

thank you for your help

johnr66 8th February 2013 03:28 PM

Sreten is right. I use a Radio Shack 12.6-0-12.6, 2A tx to power one of my TDA2050 stereo amps. Max non clipped sine wave power, both channels driven is 10w at 8 ohms and 15w into 4 ohms. Driving only one channel, I can get 18w into 4 ohms. So doubling up on the supply, each channel getting its own 50va supply, I only get 3 watts more per channel - an inaudible difference.

For comparison, I have a 28v ct 100va transformer and get 14w at 8 ohms and 22w at 4 ohms with the same amplifier. I wouldn't power a TDA2030A with this because peak current is 3.5a vs. 5 for the 2050, so a 24v ct 50va transformer will do the job and is cost effective.

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