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rhythmsandy 25th January 2013 04:52 PM

can BPA200 drive Peerless XXLS 12 inch 200W subwoofer?
I have a doubt that can a BPA200 with total 4 chips of LM3886 drive the peerless XXLS 12 inch subwoofer with ease and getting xmax out of it with striking transients and authoritative bass?

did anyboody try to do that?

gootee 27th January 2013 05:33 PM

What are the speaker's nominal and worst-case (lowest) impedances, and the frequencies where they occur? What is the lowest frequency for which you want full performance and what is the speaker's impedance at that frequency?
What would be the peak voltage that the bpa200 could produce across the speaker, at the nominal and worst-case impedances?
Do you have a link to the speaker's specs?

If the bpa200 is theoretically a good match for that speaker, then we can calculate how much capacitance would be needed for the bpa200.

rhythmsandy 27th January 2013 06:16 PM

the sub works from 20Hz - 90Hz
The Madisound Speaker Store

imp 4 ohms but dynamically i have no idea how low it can go...

lowest 30Hz for full perf.. imp at 30hz is 6 ohms

pacificblue 27th January 2013 06:22 PM

Striking transients do not come from the subwoofer. It does not matter which amp you use for it.

Authority comes from the range around 50-100 Hz. The subwoofers ability to reproduce that frequency range depends on the cabinet design. Will it be a closed box, bass-reflex, bandpass, open baffle, ...? When you know which it will be and how the cabinet will look, you can find out how much power you need to achieve xmax there.

Which brings up the question why you want to achieve xmax and at which frequency. It makes sense to define a certain sound pressure level in a frequency range, but xmax?

rhythmsandy 27th January 2013 06:31 PM

xmax is 12.3mm so at 50Hz im looking at max excursion. Bass reflex with a port of 4 inches dia and 12 inches long..

I have a doubt that each chip is capable of taking at as low imp as 4 ohms so in bridge config i think we cant go low as 2 ohm per amp.. but if its BPA then would that be sufficient to drive at 2 ohms for two chips in parallel so that in bridge mode it can handle 4 ohm?

pacificblue 27th January 2013 07:21 PM

The port dimensions only have a meaning, if you also specify the box size.

4 inches diameter appear to be on the small side for a 12" woofer, especially for one that achieves so extremely low roll-off frequencies. Peerless offers a passive radiator to suit that driver family, and they know why.

AN-1192 recommends 28 V max supply voltage for BPA-200 in combination with 4 Ohm speakers. As long as you get the heatsinking right, it should work.

gootee 27th January 2013 07:48 PM

So, that would basically be +/- 7 Amps at down to 30 Hz.

What would we like to see, as far as the worst-case drop in the rail voltages due to signal transients, for the BPA-200?

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