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Kitax 9th October 2012 06:07 PM

some idears
i have an interesting idear, wich may or may not be good... basically i want to put a lm386, make the square wave oscilator with different capacitors (0.1uF in datasheet schematic), and make an musical instrument out of it... the notes would be played, when i put my hand in front of a lazer, wich normally shines into a reciever, wich when not getting a signal would turn on the oscilator, and also close a corresponding swich (using a relay)
the capacitors with swiches would be set paralel to each othet and each capacitor would be 2X larger than preveous, basically like binary code... what are your thoughts? would it work, maybe i am wrong, and the frequency is changed differently somehow?

p.s. maybe the 50uF cap... well that actually makes more sense

Mooly 9th October 2012 06:50 PM

Problems I see...

A squarewave would sound very harsh and unmusical. A real instrument has a fundamental frequency and harmonics and its those harmonics that give the sound character.

Changing the frequency by using caps going up in multiples would be nowhere near accurate enough. The ear is fantastically sensitive to pitch and the tolerance of caps huge in comparison. You could perhaps trim frequencies by altering the resistive element of the timing circuit but it would be very difficult to get a true musical scale.

Kitax 10th October 2012 06:04 AM

well its not about getting the right tones... but i actually was afraid, that the square wave would sound odd... :S

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