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stenwo123 6th September 2012 04:04 PM

decided on my first project
Ok so after the advice i recieved from you guys i have decided to be realistic but ambitious with my first project .

i havent had much time to read through the sites you guys linked me but will have a good read through later .

ime looking to use around 12 volts or under to power a small amplifier/docking station

i will be buying my components from maplins i have been to there site and have found nearly all the components i need ( i think) all apart from the variable resistor for volume controll

for this project ime not bothered about sound clarity i simply want it to work

i was advised on this chip LM 386 semiconductor (IC)
but please correct me if ime wrong isnt this chip very puney

please recomend a good chip for me to build the rest of my system around
if thats totally the wrong way to go about things then please feel free to tell me ime getting ahead of myself

AndrewT 6th September 2012 04:13 PM

go to
Electronic Components from Rapid - the Electronic Parts Specialist
They sell good parts at good prices.
If you can get your first order to >35 (before VAT) then post is free.

Tryt very hard to buy all your components from just a very few retailers, otherwise postage costs can end up more than the component costs.

Compile your buying list. Wait a day or two and add on any more that will come in handy now or soon.
Don't buy penny components in ones or twos, buy at least a dozen and for things like 1n4004 or 1n4148 or 0.1uF film or 0.1uF x7r buy by the hundred. You will use them up surprisingly quickly and have to order another hundred.

I also buy the 600mW 1% 100ppm metal film resistors by the hundred. Only 1.59 per 100.
You are likely to hit that 35 breakpoint quite quickly.
Farnell have a few toroid transformer on special offer. Might be worth looking over there.

Maplin by comparison are very expensive, even if they are only a walk away. There range is also very limited when outside their "kit range".

The 386 is basically a headphone driver chip. But even that is a good starting point.
Maybe add on a couple of chipamps into your first buy. That with the components again gets to 35.

6L6 6th September 2012 04:16 PM

Easiest way to implement a LM3886 is to use circuit boards.

The LM3886 is a very nice sounding amp -- a great place to begin DIY!

stenwo123 6th September 2012 04:18 PM

Thank you andrew t very much appreciated

stenwo123 6th September 2012 04:56 PM

Ok guys thanks for all the advice sofar i have a very simple question to ask (i think)

how am i building the curcuits ?
using project boards whilst practical just seems a little errr icky lol
what do you guys use i have built real curcuit boards back in the day at school lol and remember using a certain type of pen to mark out the tracks then submerging the board in acid etc is this stuff expensive?

6L6 6th September 2012 06:29 PM

If you use a known, good circuit board for your first project, your chances of success are much, much, much greater than if you try to do it all yourself. It's highly suggested.

However, if you want to jump into the deep end, by all means do! You are assured of learning quite a bit more that way.

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