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new2tubes 12th August 2012 03:32 PM

Need help on TDA7293 amp kit
I am looking to build an amp to replace my Carver since my new speakers need way more power than what it has. I don't have any experience designing amps so I need some input. I don't understand the subtle differences in amplifier topology that are out there. I saw this kit on ebay and wondering what you all think of it. The price is right. I can build the chassis with heat sinks and have no problem scratch building a power supply for it. I would use 4 of these amps to run a pair of Carver Amazing ribbon speakers in bi-amp mode. I want the new amp to have the same clarity and musicality that my Carver has. Is this asking too much from this kit?

7* TDA7293 In parallel 555W Mono Power Amplifier board -Assembled amp board | eBay

Thanks, Brian

abraxalito 12th August 2012 03:44 PM

To answer your question - yes, its expecting too much for a DIY kit to deliver the same performance and musicality as a Carver amp. Such kits are not normally designed by amp designers and Bob Carver is a jolly experienced and very talented guy.

That's not to say its impossible for chip amps to deliver a very satisfying, msucial sound, just that its not straightforward to achieve. The more chips in the design, the bigger the challenge is.

new2tubes 12th August 2012 09:31 PM

any suggestions?
If the amp kit isnt what I am looking for, do you have any suggestions for what to buy?

I would really like to build my own amps. I dont have the knowledge to design an amp from scratch and cant etch PCB. A kit or empty PCB board would be ideal. I can solder and make the chassis no problem.

I need 200 watt per channel minimum x 4 channel at 8ohm. I would like it to sound as good as my Carver TFM. It doent have to be a chip amp, I just picked them as they looked a bit easier to build. The power supply is no problem. I have piles of torroid and standard transformers up to 60 amps and components to build that part.

I would like to keep the amp board, components, kit less than $100 each x 4.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Brian

abraxalito 12th August 2012 10:35 PM

I suggest getting hold of an amp where at the least you can communicate with the designer about your requirements and measurements are available. There are some guys selling hiere on DIYA, you could do worse than Panson Audio Laboratories for example.

bcmbob 13th August 2012 09:14 AM

I'm not sure about the power requirements of your speakers, but there is a new amp in development that you might be interested in for musicality. I have owned and used a Carver M-1.0t and C-1 combination for many years.

The MyRef Fremen Edition power amp and a JC-2 based preamp kit has replaced those units and there is no looking back for me.

The second "Release Candidate" phase is under way with the participation of builders from several countries and promises to produce a very high quality DIY solution.

It would be very interesting to hear about how it (with proper gain) matches up with speakers such as those you mentioned.

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