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Havoxx 24th April 2011 02:20 AM

Very cheap 5.1 chip setup?
Hey all, I'm looking for a chip that can do 2-channels or 4-channels, and isn't a royal pain to wire, I'm still learning at this, and while I'm sure I can wire 6 LM386's together, that doesn't seem too smart :-D. So I was curious if there is something like the LM386, that's quite simple to wire up, but has more channels?



pmbrunelle 24th April 2011 04:25 AM

Digikey has some 6-channel amplifier ICs, if you don't mind surface mount.

Havoxx 24th April 2011 07:05 AM

Well, I wasn't thinking of one chip doing all the work, just because that would drive the cost up a bit :D, and I don't need a lot of power, it's not for home stereo, it's more to drive a set of headphones I am designing, so the power range of the 386 isn't bad, my question is, where do I put the resistors, I'm not very good at reading schematics yet.

pinkmouse 24th April 2011 09:19 AM

Have you downloaded and read the datasheet?

sofaspud 24th April 2011 09:37 AM

5.1 headphones??
You might look at some headphone driver chips. There's no shortage of new ICs.
I'll have to dig thru some datasheets. I recall a chip that needs just 2 caps to implement. Pretty sure it's available as a DIP (though that can change without notice).

Havoxx 24th April 2011 05:19 PM

I did indeed pink, I'm just not sure how to read schematics just yet, I understand what's on there, as far as having a 10kohm resistor, and whatnot, but I'm still new to reading the layouts.

And I appreciate ya looking for that chip Sofa, I've bought electronics for dummies, and am gonna start reading it tonight, my grandfathers, on both my mother and fathers side were electronic repairmen, so I have it somewhere in my blood to fiddle with electronics, and I do so enjoy it.

There really isn't anything like that feeling of making something work.

Just for my reference, why is it my brand new lm386n has such poor sound quality, whereas one I ripped out of an old house phone, which is an lm386D has much better quality?

On a side note, I really should buy a breadboard :D

Fenris 24th April 2011 06:05 PM

For headphones a standard DIP dual or quad op-amp should do fine. Better sound quality than the 386 and can be implemented in the most basic form with only two resistors per channel.

sofaspud 24th April 2011 06:36 PM

The chip I'm thinking of is the TDA7052. It is a mono amp, but its ease of use may make it more appealing to you. Circuit complexity and layout should be much much easier. And it should do a decent job driving low-ohm headphones. NXP shows the DIP version still in production.
The LM386 issue I'm unsure of. Something amiss with either the IC, the circuit, or the load? The LM386D version I Googled appears to be a SOP surface mount package. Is that what you have?
A schematic doesn't really provide the layout. Maybe with audio circuits the schematic is generally closer to an acceptable layout, but it's nothing to bet on. Unlike schematic symbols, layout is something a person can keep learning to do better, whatever their level of expertise. A breadboard is a great tool for doing just that.

addendum: Fenris is correct. The only caveat is that by going the op amp route, ideally you'll want a split supply.

Arty 24th April 2011 07:53 PM

You may find multi channel IC's, but it would be simpler to use mono amplifier chips.
The TDA7052 is a good and favoured solution, the TDA7052A would be my preference if i was you..

Reason is simple, the volume is adjusted by DC signal.
So You can save costs on potmeters.
Circuit is verry easy, 100 nf cap for every chip, input cap, and a resistor.
The larger electro-cap on the supply rail can be replaced with a say.. 2200 uF common cap for all 6 chips. It does not realy get any simpler than this.

Havoxx 24th April 2011 08:09 PM

Sweet, thank you all so much, once I get things going I will definitely post a finished product, I appreciate all your help :)

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