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ads2 14th January 2009 11:50 AM does not reply to emails
I'm very disapointed, I have sent many emails to Brian bell to order a Non-Inverting LM3886 Dual Mono PCB Set in December (in this time you received 2 free LM3886).
Now he does not sell it with these free ship.
i don't understand well those people that want to do business but does not care about customer :mad:


Redshift187 14th January 2009 01:55 PM

Are you sure the email didn't end up in the spam box?

Beftus 14th January 2009 03:49 PM

I ordered a set of dual mono PCBs and got two LM3886 chips for free. No problem whatsoever. I got my stuff promptly. Please note that Brian has a day job too. I'm sure many here can and will vouch for Brian.

Why do you send emails to Brian when you can order online and pay with PayPal? There's no need to send emails when ordering.

skrodahl 15th January 2009 06:42 PM

I ordered from Brian using PayPal too. I was surprised how fast the delivery was, I got my kit the following week.

vonfilm 16th January 2009 10:28 PM

I got my kit quickly from . A lot of my emails for support went unanswered though and the promised manual for the 1875 amp never showed up. Next time I want a chip amp kit I will go with Peter Daniel's company. The support Peter gives for the DIY community is incredible.

edowin 16th January 2009 11:50 PM

I ordered boards from him last week and got them in only a few days. I too missed the free chip special but actually preferred the 20% off special he has now. You can get the LM3886 chips for free as samples from National.

Did you notice that he asks for "CHIPAMP" in the subject line of the email so it doesn't go into his spam box?

peranders 17th January 2009 10:09 AM


Originally posted by vonfilm
I got my kit quickly from . A lot of my emails for support went unanswered though....
What is "a lot" in this context?

vonfilm 17th January 2009 02:17 PM

Three out of Four went unanswered. When I buy someones product and ask for support, that is too much for me. He said that a 1875 manual would be forthcoming. It has never appeared. I have read other posts concerning emails that were unanswered by him.

His product is good and shipping was quick. This is possibly fine for the experienced that do not need much support.

peranders 17th January 2009 02:35 PM

Four emails aren't "a lot" for me but personally I always answer the same day or possibly the day after. If I'm not able to do that I'll put up a notice on my homepage. I know is Brian's spare time activity but one way to make things easier is to have a support forum. Remember also that he has a limit for answering support issues for free.

vonfilm, what were your questions by the way?

vonfilm 17th January 2009 04:31 PM

I asked many of my questions in DIYAudio forum threads concerning the 1875 Amp kit from Brian. Most of my questions were answered there. I have this chipamp nearly complete except for wiring the transformer to the mains and enclosing it in a chassis. As soon as I finish my B1 I will return to the 1875.

Since I am a newbie at this I have a lot of questions about things which are probably trivial and obvious to the experienced. Still I learn as I go along.

I have ordered several PCB's and 1 kit form group buys on the forum. My plan this year is to complete several amplifiers. I expect that I will find the support I need to build them from the kind folks on this forum.

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