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fellic 16th July 2008 05:21 PM

chipamp resistor feedback
Hi everyone, I am tube diy but I want to try building a LM3886 amp. I ordered the stereo pcb set from Brian at My question is regarding the feedback resistor, in tube design I usually like the non feedback designs but can anyone tell me if you have been listening to the LM3886 with and without the feedback. I am not interested in distortion, I read about National data and measurements made by several guys, I want listening opinions.

leadbelly 16th July 2008 05:24 PM

You need feedback for it to work and not go poof, there is nothing optional about it.

fellic 16th July 2008 07:06 PM

Sorry, rereading the manual, I realise he is talking about a feedback capacitor, not a resistor.
The assembly manual gives 2 options, I quote:

- for using the standard configuration, R3 is installed as shown on the right.
-for using the feedback capacitor, R3 is installed as shown on the left.
As for the preferred configuration, the standard configuration has been said to sound better, but lower dc offset can be obtained through using the feedback capacitor.

R3 is the 680 ohm setting the gain with 22K feedback resistor.
So has anyone been listening to the different configurations?

lineup 16th July 2008 09:36 PM


If you use the optional 47uF Capacitor, which is standard for LM3886 typical circuit,
you may have less problems with DC-offset at the output.
You can read about and see this in the LM3886 datasheet:

My opinion: You will not be able to hear any diffrence in sound.
Cap or no cap.

So my advice would be to try without, if you wish.
But then measure the DC-offset at output, with different volume potentiometer settings.

You will then see if you need to use this CAP 47uF.

fellic 17th July 2008 04:04 PM

That is exactly what I will do, I wont use the cap and measure the DC offset.

Dxvideo 22nd July 2008 06:49 AM


Originally posted by lineup

My opinion: You will not be able to hear any diffrence in sound.
Cap or no cap.

I think you WILL HEAR a lot of difference! Go and see..

Ted205 22nd July 2008 02:19 PM


Originally posted by Dxvideo

I think you WILL HEAR a lot of difference! Go and see..

the difference being ?


Dxvideo 22nd July 2008 03:15 PM

Sorry, I dont understand what you mean...

Ted205 22nd July 2008 04:21 PM

In your opinion what did you think.
Which is better? etc :)

fellic 22nd July 2008 04:34 PM

cap or no cap...
hi Ozgur,
it is difficult to compare (to my ears) when you have to make a long pause between one way and the other, having to desolder and solder again. But I think I liked more without the cap, I usually like it more with less components.

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